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Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC: Benefits of a neck lift

Top facial plastic surgery clinic has the reasons why you should consider a neck lift


Facial plastic surgery professionals can help when you feel like you are looking older for your age. Unfortunately, there are aspects of your appearance that can advance in age much quicker than others. One of these aspects is your neck. The delicate skin on your neck, much like the skin on your face, is much more vulnerable than other parts of your body. The effects from pollution, sun damage, and other factors from your environment in combination with the natural loss of skin firmness and elasticity that will happen when you get older will mean that the look of your neck can be harmed by the signs of aging before other parts of your body.


What is a neck lift?

By tightening the skin around your neck and chin, a neck lift can help to fight the physical signs of aging, this includes the droopy skin that can form “jowls”, this is what you may have come to know as the name “turkey neck”. The procedure, especially when combined with a facelift, can restore a youthful appearance. This is still a surgical procedure despite the amazing results that can be achieved, as with any procedure, there are careful considerations that need to be made regarding the benefits.


What a neck lift can’t do

One of the things that you need to be aware of is what a neck lift can NOT do.


As a restorative surgical procedure, a neck lift will not alter your physical appearance and it will also not stop the aging process.


This is a procedure that can only be performed surgically, non-surgical options will not have the same results, but they can help to delay the time when a neck lift will be appropriate and complement the results of the surgery.


What are the benefits?

There are many benefits that come from a successful neck lift procedure when performed by an experienced and dedicated surgeon, including:


Tightening the muscles: the tightening of underlying muscles will reduce the look of loose skin and can also give the impression of weight loss.


Smooths the skin: wrinkles and lines will be eliminated by pulling the skin tighter on your neck, this will help you look younger.


Reduces excess skin: After tightening, removing the excess skin around your neck will improve your overall appearance even further.


Does what a diet can’t: While proper exercise and diet routine can be essential for transforming specific areas of your body, unfortunately, they will have very little effect on your neck or even no effect at all. The only way to improve this area is with a neck lift.


Top facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC: considering a neck lift?

Facial plastic surgery is not to be taken lightly, so it is crucial to have a consultation with your surgeon before you decide on any procedure. Our office is Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon and can help you with all of your needs.


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