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Overview of facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is an important consideration for candidates in the Charlotte, NC area who are seeking various cosmetic improvements. Among the most popular forms of surgical facial enhancements are: lip enhancements, neck lifts, and facial implants.


Lip Enhancement

Full, well-shaped lips can help give you a great smile and pout. The implantable dermis is regarded as the safest implant, while fillers provide a subtle enhancement to lip fullness. Filler can be injected into the lips with localized swelling for only 24-48 hours, and there is rarely even mild bruising. Alternatively, a dermal allograft is a transplant of human tissue from one person to another and is a method that has been used on more than 40,000 patients, including many in the Charlotte, NC area. Lastly, a lip lift can be used, where an incision is made under the nose, and excess skin is removed to give lips a better proportion and shape. During their consultation, patients can discuss various options available, and review the pros and cons to determine the best method.


Neck Lift

The goal of a neck lift is to provide a rejuvenated, younger-looking appearance without seeming operated on. Prior to surgery, your specialist will assess the thickness, elasticity, and texture of your skin, as well as wrinkles, folds, and hairline to determine where incisions will be made. Each surgery is tailored to the patient, their body, and goals. Incisions are hidden in the contour of the ear, and then extended around the earlobe and into the hairline. Makeup and your hair can help cover these incisions afterward. Additionally, a small incision beneath the chin may be employed.


Facial Implants

Facial implants can be used to add definition to underdeveloped features and help balance the overall look of your face. The most popular types of implants for Charlotte, NC patients are to the chin and cheek. Chin implants, also called mentoplasty, are often done in conjunction with facelifts and rhinoplasty to achieve optimal results. The surgery takes less than an hour, and bruising lasts for about 7-10 days. Cheek implants, also called malar augmentation, can combat the hollow look that may come with aging, help restore sagging tissues, and enhance weak cheekbones. The implants are customizable for your needs, and bruising and swelling only last for 7-10 days.


Your Surgeon

Residents in the Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas trust Dr. M. Sean Freeman to deliver top-quality results and excellent care for their facial plastic surgery needs. RealSelf, which is an online cosmetic surgery forum where over 250 cosmetic treatments are discussed, has named Dr. Freeman a Top Doctor because of his excellent reviews and frequent answers. As Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman has specialized in facial cosmetic surgery since 1988, employing state-of-the-art techniques at The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, refined over many years of practice.

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