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Facial plastic surgery can help turn back the hands of time

Facial plastic surgery is a good way to help reverse the signs of aging

As we age we may begin noticing tiny lines on the eyelids and cheeks.  These lines may be accentuated when we smile.  As each year passes, these facial wrinkles can become deeper and new lines may begin to appear.  Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman can perform a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures to help reduce or eliminate these wrinkles.


Before deciding whether or not to get facial plastic surgery, it helps to understand how the types of facial wrinkles differ.  Once the cause is understood, Dr. Freeman can apply the proper wrinkle treatment, literally turning back the hands of time.


Types of facial wrinkles

There are three types of facial wrinkles: static, dynamic, and wrinkle folds.  Static wrinkles form when the skin loses its elasticity.  This may be a result of sun damage, genetics, smoking, poor nutrition, or prolonged dynamic wrinkling. Static wrinkles usually remain visible even when the muscles are not contracting.  These types of wrinkles often lead to the creepiness in the face and multiple cross-hatching types of wrinkles such as those seen around the eyes and the cheeks.  Dr. Freeman may recommend treatments that increase the skin’s thickness or remove damaged skin.  These are usually the most effective treatments for static wrinkles.  Dr. Freeman may also use laser treatment to treat these types of wrinkles.


Dynamic wrinkles are caused when the facial muscles contract.  Every muscle contraction will make the skin bunch together and lines will form between the bulk of these muscles.  Dynamic wrinkles typically form between the eyebrows, on the cheeks and across the forehead.  The dynamic wrinkles around the outer corners of the eyes are called “crow’s feet”.  Dr. Freeman may recommend a variety of facial plastic surgery treatments to treat dynamic wrinkles.  These include eyelid surgery, a brow lift, or injectables.


Wrinkle folds are usually formed when the underlying facial structures begin to sag causing deep grooves between the mouth and the nose.  To address these wrinkle folds, Dr. Freeman may recommend one of several types of facelifts, a neck lift or a cheek lift.  Depending upon the severity of the wrinkle folds, Dr. Freeman may recommend skin rejuvenation injections or implants.  These can help plump up the areas of the wrinkle folds improving their appearance.


Consultation with Dr. Freeman

Dr. Freeman always meets with patients for a consultation appointment before recommending any type of facial plastic surgery.  During this appointment, Dr. Freeman will discuss the patient’s goals for facial plastic surgery.  He will also evaluate the patient’s skin and bone structure.  This evaluation helps Dr. Freeman determine the best facial plastic surgery treatments for each individual patient.

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