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Facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC explains key facts in facelifts on balding men

Facelift procedures in balding men require special techniques

A facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC has extensive experience handling advanced procedures. Some of the most complicated ones pertain to balding men who may need the procedure and can have trouble hiding incisions with a receding hairline.

Facelift scars are often placed behind natural creases and hairiness, which can sometimes cause them to become nearly invisible. In addition, it becomes hard to hide the incisions in bald men since there is no hairline to place them behind. Here are some common facts that facelift surgeons have come across during their time working with bald men.

Not all facelift surgeons will know how to work around the balding
Your search for a facelift surgeon can be harder if you are bald since most surgeons are afraid to take on such cases. In addition, the surgery may offer you unimpressive results, which might affect their rating, so they avoid the gamble.

You need to work with an experienced facelift surgeon who has handled facelifts on balding men in the past. Such surgeons have special skills to offer you transformative results while maintaining your face’s masculinity. Ask to see some before and after photos from client cases they have handled and make sure they can fit all your needs.

Most procedures will require you to use the deep plane method
Surgeons use different methods to perform facelift surgery, and each offers unique results. The deep plane method is the best choice for balding males requiring facelifts.

Deep plane techniques elevate the mid-face tissue as a whole unit. This area includes the skin, fatty pad, and SMAS layer, which all offer natural-looking results. The reason for using the method is to minimize scarring.

Incision placement and suturing in bald men require extensive skill
Incisions are often placed immediately behind the hairline to remain covered after the procedure. With balding men, there is no hairline, so your plastic surgeon should choose better areas to place the incision. You should consider areas like behind the ears and under the chin to prevent scars on your head or balding regions.

Facelift surgeons have to finesse the suture placement at the temple to make sure the scar will blend in well with the surrounding skin. Proper suturing will mean no scars will be visible, making the procedure appear all-natural.

Find the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC is Dr. Freeman
The facelift procedure for balding men is quite complex, but an experienced facelift surgeon can solve it easily. Work with the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC, for the best results.

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