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Charlotte’s best facelift specialist explain the deep plane facelift technique

Facelift specialist can help you achieve a youthful look through a deep-plane procedure

A facelift specialist in Charlotte NC can help you achieve a youthful look through various facelift procedures including the deep plane facelift. The deep plane facelift is an innovative procedure that, as opposed to tugging the skin layer, which can result in a tight appearance, releases the muscle layer beneath the skin and enables it to be repositioned without stress for a more natural-looking outcome.

Less than 5% of facelift surgeons use this method since it is more technically difficult and demands more training. However, the majority of doctors think it offers better, more long-lasting outcomes than the conventional procedure.

Here are some benefits that the deep plane method can have over a regular procedure.

  • No appearance of stiffness, tension, or stretching (more natural-looking results).
  • SMAS, the muscle layer beneath the skin, can be released and repositioned to produce better outcomes and a younger appearance.
  • The “midface,” which consists of the cheek and cheekbone, is also enhanced in a subtle but notable way as a result of the muscle release.
  • Long-lasting outcomes.

Explaining the deep plane facelift technique

SMAS, a form of muscle sheet, covers a large portion of the face and neck beneath the skin. Over time, the skin may begin to droop downward due to gravity because of this film of muscle that sags and becomes looser.

Strong ligaments hold this SMAS layer to the tissues beneath it, which include other muscles, bones, etc. So, starting at the outside and working inward, we have skin, SMAS, and deeper tissues, with the SMAS connected to these deeper tissues by sturdy ligaments.

The standard facelift simply penetrates the skin layer and tightens the muscle layer by folding it over on itself. The “midface” region is also improved by this cutting-edge surgical method. Because the muscle is more totally and completely liberated to be mobilized to a higher, more youthful position, the subsequent rejuvenation is more radiant as it influences the highlights of the cheeks and cheekbones in a subtle but astonishing form.

In contrast, a standard facelift doesn’t address sunken cheeks and sagging cheekbones, which are common in the elderly face.

Work with Charlotte’s best facelift specialist – Dr. Sean Freeman

A deep plane facelift allows you to remain to look younger for longer. You should work with Charlotte’s best facelift surgeons for the best results.

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