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Facelift recovery stages from your best Charlotte facial plastic surgeon

Facelift recovery can be daunting, so it is necessary to be sure about everything. Read on to learn about the stages of facelift recovery.

Facelift procedure recovery involves several stages

Facelift procedures in Charlotte NC seek to retain youth on the patient’s faces. For this to happen, there are several things that the patient has to be aware of; recovery is the most important.

Facelift recovery can be quite daunting for most first-time patients; there is so much that happens, some of which they did not expect. Knowing what to expect during the recovery process can help the patient manage recovery better.

Here are the four stages in facelift surgery recovery as discussed by the rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte.

Stage 1: First week

This stage is the hardest for most patients since it happens in the first few days post-surgery. At this stage, the patient still has the dressing that they have to take care of when showering and are at the highest risk of infection.

Also, the whole surgery area is quite sore, causing the patient to feel quite uncomfortable. The surgeon will prescribe medication to help with the pain and ease the healing process.

Stage 2: Week 2 and 3

At this stage, the patient will have started to feel slightly comfortable with mobility around the house. The incision areas will have bruising, redness, or swelling, an indication that the wound is healing.

Depending on how well one is healing, the surgeon can recommend taking off the dressing to uncover the results. Also, some patients can slowly integrate mild physical activities into their life.

Stage 3: Week 4

At this stage, the patient can comfortably go back to work without incidences of discomfort. Some of the results will start appearing at this stage, but they are not fully defined.

Pain is a huge red flag at this stage, so you should raise the issue with your surgeon. It is also essential that you avoid activities that can injure your face since the results are quite mild during this period.

Stage 4: Full recovery

The full effects of the facelift surgery come to the core. At this stage, the patient’s bruising and swelling at the incision sites should have disappeared. They can now resume their regular routines.

The facelift surgeon will plan follow-up consultations to check up on the incision sites to avoid any side effects. They must confirm that these areas are healing normally for the best results.

Hire the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC

A facelift procedure can help one gain confidence and retain a youthful appeal for a long time. The patient has to hire the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte to obtain lasting results since they have extensive experience in practice.

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