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Charlotte’s top facelift experts explain exercising after a procedure for athletes

Facelift experts insist on waiting for full recovery before exercise

Charlotte’s top facelift experts recommend full recovery before you can resume results. Facelift surgery has significant results, drastically altering a person’s appearance by immediately eliminating the outward signs of years of age. Most people who choose a facelift to get a more youthful appearance are typically motivated to maintain their current level of fitness and health. It’s common to feel motivated to start exercising vigorously again right away after surgery. To allow the body to fully recover from facelift surgery, patients must gradually resume their workout regimen. This article highlights when facelift surgery patients can return to the gym, their preferred form of exercise, or competitive sports.

Reasons to wait to exercise after surgery

Incisions are made along the neck or lower face during a facelift procedure. Most exercises focus on the muscles from the neck down. Do patients really have to wait to resume their previous fitness regimen after their procedure?

Exercising too soon after having a facelift can cause significant harm to individuals. A facelift is a serious surgical treatment that necessitates a lengthy recovery period. You won’t get the best outcomes if you exercise too soon because it could result in major issues.

Increased bleeding, edema, and inflammation are caused by exercise, intense activity, and heavy lifting. This not only delays healing but also raises the chance of infection, which can thwart complete healing. Sutures may even reopen if there is stress on the incision sites, which raises the risk of scarring.

All forms of exercise, including low-impact stretching and mild yoga inversions, must be gradually resumed as the body is ready in order to avoid the need for corrective surgery.

The timeline

Avoid even mildly rigorous movement in the first few days, such as bending over and inverting. Light walking is advised starting on days 2 or 3 to assist in improving blood flow, which speeds healing. The only exercise that should be done is short, easy walks.

As the bruising and swelling go down over the first few weeks, many patients start to feel less pain. Most patients may even feel well enough to go back to work or resume their regular daily activities, provided that they are mild to moderate and that their surgeon has given the go-ahead. Patients should keep up their daily strolls and gradually lengthen or prolong them as long as they feel comfortable.

After the initial two weeks, patients can increase the speed and length of their walks, and with a doctor’s approval, they can even start doing mild exercises in the gym.

Work with Charlotte’s top facelift expert- Dr. Sean Freeman

Waiting to recover fully before exercising can help make the procedure successful since you get impressive results. Work with the best facelift experts in Charlotte NC to enjoy amazing results.

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