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Facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC answers questions about a mini-facelift

Facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC offers both full standard and mini-facelift. Discover the differences and your top facial plastic surgeon operates.

Facelift procedures vary based on the results you want

A facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC will choose a full or mini-facelift depending on the results you are interested in. The mini facelift is less popular, unlike the full option. Here’s what you need to know.

What is a mini-facelift?

The mini-facelift is a less invasive technique than a traditional facelift since less surgery is required. Similar to a facelift, its purpose is to realign drooping, loose skin in the face and neck while tightening the facial muscles to make the face appear younger. This procedure is also referred to as the “weekend” facelift because it may be completed fast and requires less time for recuperation for the patient.

Differences between full and mini-facelift

Only certain areas of the face and neck are worked on during mini-facelifts. As a result, smaller incisions are possible. Endoscopic procedures are also used during mini-facelifts to get the desired effects. As a result, the cosmetic surgeon lifts, moves, and eliminates more modest amounts of facial tissue. This, however, cannot be used to get rid of forehead and brow wrinkles and sagging skin. Only some regions of the face benefit more from it. A normal facelift, on the other hand, may require more recovery time because it is more intrusive, uses larger incisions, and affects a larger region of the face and neck. It can also get rid of forehead and brow creases and drooping skin.

How is a mini-facelift done?

Small surgical incisions or endoscopic methods may be used during a mini-facelift. To introduce the endoscopic instrument during endoscopy, a few tiny holes are drilled around the target location. The surgeon can visualize the area while doing muscle tightening and the excision of fat and extra tissue thanks to a small camera introduced with the device. Small surgical incisions are utilized in procedures that do not include endoscopy to enable the surgeon to lift the skin and reach the structures below. Both procedures are minimally invasive, have fewer risks, and leave fewer scars behind.

How safe is a mini-facelift?

There is always a danger of infection following surgery. To lessen this risk, doctors may prescribe antibiotics. To avoid infection, proper wound care will also be required.

Postoperative bruising, soreness, discomfort, and/or edema are examples of minor issues. You must stop using aspirin and any other medications that may interfere with blood coagulation if you want to avoid heavy bleeding.

Work with the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC

Surgeons can choose between full or mini-facelift depending on the results you are interested in. You should work with the best facelift surgeon in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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