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Eyebrow lift in Charlotte NC: contact the top facial plastic surgeon for questions

Will an eyebrow lift change the shape of your eyes?

An eyebrow lift from your top Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon is a surgical procedure that is performed by a professional plastic surgeon and is done to reduce wrinkles, raise drooping eyelids, and revive a youthful appearance. This is also known as a forehead lift and is performed with incisions near and/or following your hairline.


The overall look of your face can be enhanced with an eyebrow lift and improve your natural eyebrow arch, giving you a more elegant and refined look. But, the main concern for new patients is, will this procedure change the shape of my eyes?


What is an eyebrow lift?

The fatty tissue of your brows will often begin to move lower on your face as you age, and in most cases, this can create an angry, stern, and exhausted look. The eyebrow lift procedure is a cosmetic procedure that will raise your brow line to give you a more refreshed, awake, and youthful look. With an eyebrow lift, furrows, lines in your forehead, and other concerns can be corrected and improved. Also, the distance between your hairline and eyebrows can be shortened with an eyebrow lift, which is perfect for patients with a more prominent forehead.


Will an eyebrow lift have an effect on your eyes?

An eyebrow lift may cause a slight change or improvement in the look of your eyes, depending on the type of eyebrow lift that is done. For example, you may see a difference in the shape of your eyes as the underlying tissue and skin are lifted during a temporal brow lift. But the change involved is nowhere near significant enough to consider the procedure as a method to change the shape of your eyes.


How to achieve a transformation in eye shape

You will most likely need to combine a custom eyelid surgery with an eyebrow lift if you are looking to change the shape of your eyes.


It is a delicate procedure to accomplish an eye-shape transformation. It requires an in-person, comprehensive evaluation and consultation in order to determine how to achieve the changes that you are looking for. An experienced surgeon will know the advanced techniques to create a remarkable alteration that will look natural, and they will be able to advise you on what is involved during the procedure in great detail.


Eyebrow lift in Charlotte with the top facial plastic surgeon

An eyebrow lift will be of great help if you are tired of people telling you that you look tired, angry, or older than you are. An eyebrow lift will be the perfect fit for you if you want to lift your creased, sagging, or heavy brows. A private consultation with your surgeon will be the first step towards a more youthful, refreshed, and beautiful look.


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