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Eye lift surgery and what to expect from your top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon

Eye lift procedures can transform your appearance

Eye lift procedures in Charlotte NC are available under the hand of an experienced facial plastic surgeon. Also known as upper eyelid surgery or upper eyelid blepharoplasty, this procedure requires a lot of thought before you go for it. In this article, we are going to help you learn more about what the procedure can do for you and what you can expect from every stage of the process.


Upper and lower eyelid surgery costs and benefits

There are many different cosmetic surgery procedures that can be done to your face, so why might you want to consider an eyelid lift? We do not all have the same facial features, and as we age, additional changes can occur gradually that affect our appearance. Cosmetic treatment is one of the most effective ways of improving one’s looks and reversing the effects of aging.


An eye lift can bring about the benefits of making your eyelids more youthful and your eyes brighter and smoother. If you are someone who naturally has bulging eyes, then the procedure can also help to enhance your features. As you would expect, all of these benefits require great experience and expertise. You will need to undergo a surgical procedure from a top cosmetic surgeon in Charlotte NC, so it is good to find out about the typical eyelid surgery cost.


When you do your research and make your inquiries, always remember that you are paying for expertise and value. If the surgeon has their own tailored procedures for improving their patients’ features and a great reputation, then it will be more worthwhile to consult them about the changes you require.


The recovery process

As with any surgical procedure, there will have to be a recovery period for you to lose any scars and get back about your business. After you are done with your surgery, you might be looking at some mild swelling for anywhere between one and several weeks. There will also be some bruising to be expected, but this should be gone within about 10 days. If you are not so comfortable going out with these bruises, you always have the option of covering these up with a bit of makeup until you are fully healed.


An upper eyelid surgery can produce some excellent results for your facial features. Many times, this procedure is paired with a brow lift as well if you have depressed eyebrows.

Start the eyelid lift process the right way in Charlotte NC

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