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How to get an eye lift in Charlotte NC

Preparing for an eye lift

Before you get an eye lift, you should get a medical evaluation to make sure it’s a good idea. If you suffer from dry eye, blurry vision, double vision, diabetes or thyroid problems, you shouldn’t undergo an eye lift. You may also be asked to take some medications. If you already take medications, you should make sure your facial plastic surgeon knows about them. Be sure to follow his or her advice on whether or not to take them before surgery. Stop smoking for at least two weeks before the surgery— smoking contracts the blood vessels, which slows the healing process.


Before surgery, go through your house and place everything you need on a regular basis within easy reach. Do all your household chores. If you have children or pets, arrange for them to be looked after for a few days. Buy some frozen meals, or prepare some meals and put them away to heat up later — but also stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Have some music or books on tape hand, so you’ll have something to entertain yourself while resting your eyes. Have some dark glasses handy. And, of course, you’ll need someone to drive you home after the surgery.


The eye lift and recovery

Different surgeons take different approaches to do an eye lift. Many perform it under local anesthesia. The surgeon must make a very precise judgment about how much skin and muscle to take away — as much as you want to look younger, your eyelid has to be able to completely cover your eyes when this is over. The sutures are thinner than eyelashes.


You can expect to see some bruising and swelling for several days after eye lift surgery. There may also be some dryness and itchiness, which also goes go away after a little while. The stitches should dissolve or be taken out in about five days. Try not to read anything or watch TV for the first week after surgery, and get plenty of sleep.


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