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Overview of Lip Enhancements

Full, well-shaped lips can help give you a great smile and pout, and markedly improve your self-confidence. Whether to opt for a surgical or non-surgical procedure to accomplish your desired results is an important consideration for candidates in the Charlotte, NC area. Similarly important is finding a surgeon who understands your needs and desires, and a safe, comfortable medical facility. Lip Enhancements.


Non-Surgical Procedures Lip Enhancements

There is an array of non-invasive and non-surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of your lips. Among these, injectable fillers are the most popular, versatile, and customizable. Even though this procedure does not require surgery, you should seek an expert, as mastery over this kind of injection can really determine the aesthetic results. The primary fillers used are Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse. This treatment is fast, comfortable, and requires a minimal amount of recovery. Most candidates who seek lip fillers desire improvements to the shape of overall shape of the lips, and the hiding of scars and nasolabial folds, more commonly called smile lines. Radiesse can be used to plump and smooth the skin, returning the volume that is lost with aging. It consists of a gel that does not require allergy testing and has minimal side effects. Restylane is often considered the best option for lip filling. It is a clear gel, injected with a fine needle. Results typically last for 6 to 8 months. Lastly, Juvederm lasts for up to one year. Recovery involves localized swelling for only 24-48 hours, and there is rarely even mild bruising.


Surgical Procedures

There are many options for surgical lip augmentation, reshaping, and reconstruction. The implantable dermis is regarded as the safest implant. Alternatively, a dermal allograft is a transplant of human tissue from one person to another and is a method that has been used on more than 40,000 patients, including many in the Charlotte, NC area. Lastly, a lip lift can be used, where an incision is made under the nose, and excess skin is removed to give lips a better proportion and shape. During their surgical consultation, patients can discuss various options available, and review the pros and cons to determine the best method. Surgery is normally performed at an in-office operating room environment, and most patients can go back to work after several days.


Your Surgeon

As Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman has specialized in lip enhancements procedures since 1988, employing state-of-the-art techniques refined over many years of practice. Residents in the Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas trust Dr. Freeman to deliver top-quality results and excellent care for their various lip enhancements. RealSelf, which is an online cosmetic surgery forum where over 250 cosmetic treatments are discussed, has named Dr. Freeman a Top Doctor because of his excellent reviews and frequent answers.