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Don’t get cheap when it comes to surgery on your face

Don’t go for the cheapest option

If you’re thinking about going abroad to have a nose job done cheaply, think about not doing that instead. People who’ve gone to Thailand for rhinoplasty and gotten bad results have been unable to successfully sue for damages. (If medical care is cheap in a particular country, sometimes it’s because the doctors know they won’t be needing malpractice insurance.) Revision rhinoplasty — a nose job to repair the effects of a previous nose job — is more complicated than regular rhinoplasty, just as expensive, and you have to wait at least a year after the original surgery to have it done. That’s a long time to go around in public with a nose that looks worse than it did before. Performed by an expert in an operating room that’s up to American medical standards, rhinoplasty is one of the safer surgeries. About ninety percent of those who get it are pleased with the results, and only about one in thirty need revision.


Preparation and recovery

In addition to finding the right surgeon, the key to a successful nose job is preparation on your part. A month before surgery, you should:

  • Have a good, long talk with your surgeon about what you want and what you’re hoping the surgery will accomplish.
  • If you wear glasses, try to get a pair of prescription contacts. Give yourself time to get used to them. You won’t want to be wearing glasses during the recovery period.


Two weeks before surgery, you should:

  • Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or herbal supplements.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Ask your surgeon if there are any medications you should be taking, and tell him or her about the medications you already take.


At least one day before surgery, you should:

* Buy plenty of lip balm and beverages.

  • Cut back on salt.
  • Make sure someone will be available to drive you home after the surgery.


After surgery, you should:

  • Keep your lips and mouth moisturized. That’s what lip balm and beverages are for. You’ll be breathing through your mouth for a while.
  • Don’t blow your nose. This will mean keeping your distance from other people and washing your hands often.
  • Don’t do any heavy exercise that might raise the blood pressure in your head.
  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Don’t wear pullover garments that put pressure on your nose while being put on or taken off.


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