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Which is the best type of Charlotte NC facelift for me?

Which is the best type of facelift for me in Charlotte NC?

Here is a brief look at the kinds of facelift you can have, and which may be the most appropriate

Do you know non-surgical procedures are only temporary?

A facelift can come in many forms, and it will solve many problems. Dr. Freeman over the years in Charlotte NC has evolved his own ‘Signature Lift.’ This may be beneficial for a younger generation for whom a full facelift is not required. Nevertheless, it may be adequate for patients who are not sure if they will have a complete facelift.

Are you having doubts about getting a facelift, but are willing to research injectables and fillers? Read on, and you’ll ultimately see how Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon can resolve all your issues more permanently with any of his facelift surgeries.

What will they do in a full facelift?

  • Restoring the contour of the chin and neck with a youthful appearance
  • Restoring the elasticity and muscle tissue in the face
  • Eliminate any heavy lines and creases present in the mid-and lower portion of the face
  • Replacing tired facial appearances
  • Removal of excess skin that has fallen in the lower reaches of the face

The results are spectacular with this type of facelift surgery, and it is not hard to see why a mini facelift may be a realistic option. With bruises and swelling, it can take patients approximately ten days to recover and return to their regular activities.

A signature lift by Dr. Freeman in Charlotte NC

A mini facelift results in significantly less downtime, the swelling and bruising being less visible, but the stitches will be noticeable for approximately five or six days. This may be done under sedation rather than the requirement of being completely anesthetized.  With this kind of plastic surgery, a younger expression may be achieved without all the discomfort of a full facelift. The rectified areas are the lifting and stretching of the neck, and with that comes a decrease in sagging skin and wrinkles. With a mini facelift, most patients are back to their normal activities in about four days, so only half the amount of time is required.

Learn more about a facelift in Charlotte NC

Dr. Freeman will always be on hand for an initial consultation to check everything and to ascertain the elasticity, thickness, and texture of the skin. He will also check the depth and condition of wrinkles and the optimal placement of incisions. Patients are safe with Dr. Freeman, who is double board-certified and has many happy clients for this type of mini facelift.

If you are sure that this is right for you, or if you would like a second opinion, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. Looking healthy and young has never been so accessible with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, and will last much longer than an injectable or filler.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.