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Choose Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon for your facial minituck

Choosing the right facial plastic surgery procedure

If you are tired of looking at the mirror and seeing someone you no longer recognize, it may be time to consider a minituck or mini-facelift.  Just like the deep plane facelift, the goal of a minituck is to refresh your face, returning the youthfulness.  As you age, your skin begins to sag.  This can happen for a number of reasons, but happens to everyone.  Skin loses its suppleness and elasticity and begins to droop.  A minituck can help reduce or eliminate these signs of aging.  These signs can start as early as your forties or fifties and will gradually get worse as you get older.   By having a minituck, you can help prevent further damage and regain your youthful appearance.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon specializes in minitucks and his SignatureLift.  These are both less invasive than a full facelift and provide beautiful results with minimum recovery time.


How a minituck works

You will first meet with Dr. Freeman who will perform a complete evaluation of your skin and overall health.  He will discuss all of your options with you, helping you determine which will be suit your desires.  During the consultation, Dr. Freeman will assess your skin’s elasticity and how much fat is accumulated in your neck and face.  The doctor will inform you of any risks involved and then answer any questions you may have.


The minituck is not an extensive procedure and is typically done right at Dr. Freeman’s clinic,The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery in Charlotte NC.  Dr. Freeman tailors each minituck procedure to the individual.  Dr. Freeman’s goal for every patient is for them to emerge from surgery renewed and refreshed, without that stretched out or plastic look.  As a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman always produces the best possible results.


If you and Dr. Freeman determine that all you require is a minilift, Dr. Freeman will perform his SignatureLift, a procedure he developed.  The doctor uses this procedure on his younger, Charlotte NC patients and on those who may just be touching up a previous facelift.  This procedure is typically performed under sedation, although general anesthesia is always available if necessary or desired.

There will be minimal bruising or swelling and you will normally be ready to return to work within a couple of days.  When Dr. Freeman performs his SignatureLift, you can expect wonderful results, including a younger jowl and neck area.


When you are considering facial plastic surgery, your best choice for a facial plastic surgeon is Dr. M. Sean Freeman, the top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC.  Give his clinic, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery a call today to schedule your minituck consultation.

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