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Best face lift in Charlotte, NC

Face lifts are one of the most performed elective surgeries in the world. And don’t be fooled by stereotypes, face lift procedures can enhance the aesthetics of both men and women. This surgery can boost your self-esteem and turn back the clock. Whether you are 35 or 73, we all deserve to look our best. Discover a beautifying transformation in Charlotte, NC, home to the office of Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman.


Sometimes our outer look betrays the vitality we feel on the inside. Match your inner energy and vigor to your outside appearance. By simply lifting facial tissues, you can rediscover your youthful glow, and look as young as you feel. Consider a face lift in Charlotte, NC to improve relationships. While it’s true that what is on the inside is the most important, unfortunately, society still judges a book by the cover. Transforming your look with a face lift may make your professional and personal relationships better.


What will be different?

Though the term face lift is fairly common, most people don’t know what it entails. Here are a few aspects of the face lift that will be changed.


  • Enhanced lower face and jowls. This area of the face is one of the earliest to show signs of aging. By tightening the facial muscles here, a face becomes markedly younger looking.
  • Correct saggy second chin.As we age, excess skin in the lower face creates what looks like another chin. Though many people try to exercise this away, know that even thin women and men experience this issue. A face lift removes the excess skin along the jawline, then, gently lifts and pulls the remaining tissues. This re-creates a naturally beautiful neck line.
  • Reduces creases under the eyelids and alongside the nose.A signature facelift will reduce the appearance of these deep creases and the lines in the lower and mid face, as well as decrease the deep lines below the eyelids and across the cheeks.
  • Look of weariness. This happens to us all as we age, the harmful effects of sun, pollutants in the air, and chemicals found in most foods create a look of perpetual exhaustion. A face lift can restore a more energetic appearance by redefining the lower and mid-face.

Make an appointment for a consultation today with Dr. Freeman. Request the consult online and save $25 off this appointment. Dr. Freeman spends time with each individual to ensure the best, most beautiful you. You deserve to look at great as you feel. To request a consultation for a face lift, contact Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon. His office, Faces Only, is conveniently located in Charlotte, NC.

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