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Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon helps you get the look you deserve

Your face is the first thing people see

Consulting Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon is a big decision. You want to look your best and your face is the first thing people see.  You don’t want people to think you have had major facial plastic surgery, and yet you want to make some changes to your face. There are some things we cannot change, such as aging, heredity, or the environment today, but there are still options to make us look younger and healthier. Mother nature gave us the faces we are born with; a top facial surgeon can give us the face we always wished we had. If fear and anxiety have stopped you from getting the look of your dreams now is the time to consult a professional plastic surgeon and review options.

Aging, free radicals, and bad habits can affect changes in our face

Over time our face goes through physical changes. Some of these changes are out of our control, such as time and genetics. As we get older, our skin loses some of its elasticity and begins to sag.  Genes also, play a role in how we age. Some are predisposed to early aging due to the amount of melatonin in their genetic makeup.

The gentle touch

Let’s face it- we all have fears when it comes to surgery. Charlotte’s top facial surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman has perfected facial lift techniques, which have resulted in better outcomes with less discomfort. Dr. Freeman’s main goal is to reshape without looking restructured,  giving you that flawless, beautiful, youthful glow. A natural look. Imagine a smoother younger you that Dr. Freeman can give you with minimal pain and healing time.

What to expect before, during, and after your facial plastic surgery

As with any type of surgery, it is important to know what is expected before, during and after undergoing facial plastic surgery. A preliminary consultation with Charlotte’s top facial surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman, will determine the right fit for a treatment plan. Whether brow lifts, Deep Plane Face Lift, or our Signature Lift, friendly experienced staff will be by your side guiding you through each process during your healthy and speedy recovery.

Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon

You have your face for the rest of your life. Now that you have elected facial surgery, you want the right facelift surgeon that will give you the face you always wanted with a gentle touch and care. Let Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon at the Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, Dr. M. Sean Freeman give you back your youthful glow. Now, is the time to grab your future and get the look you deserve

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