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Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeon discusses motivation for plastic surgery

The popularity of plastic surgery

Recent studies have shown that more people than ever before are opting for facial plastic surgeon. Although specific reasons or procedures may vary from patient to patient, the common denominator is the goal of creating a better look for the patient. Because cosmetic surgery has become a common occurrence in mainstream society worldwide, very few people are motivated to seek plastic surgery in an effort to simply conform to society’s standards.


For those who are undecided, the main questions surround whether the procedure(s) are good for the client, or are they just a product of vanity and unrealistic ideals? The question seems so natural to ask, but it is really borne out of a time when plastic surgery was not so common, it was primarily a tool for Hollywood executives to make a movie star more appealing to the general public. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of cosmetic surgery, and hopefully, convey the positive motivation and the life-enriching results that you might not have thought about.


Who elects to choose facial plastic surgery?

A survey that was conducted by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons studied the motivations that people had for plastic surgery and their demographics. Surprisingly, the study indicated that plastic surgery is not limited to only higher-income people. This quashes one of the biggest myths regarding facial plastic surgery. People from very diverse socioeconomic classes have an interest in and even undergo plastic surgery procedures. According to the same study, there was also a broad range of age groups seeking plastic surgery.


Consulting with a facial plastic surgeon

As healthier lifestyles and modern medicine improves life expectancy, seniors are leading a fairly high-quality life even as they continue to age. People in their fifties, sixties and seventies feel much better and are much more active than their parents and grandparents did. Many of them seek facial plastic surgery to improve both their health and aesthetic appearance. The goal is to have their looks correspond with the way they feel, and not their age.


When you consult with one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte, no matter what part of your body you desire to have changed, you will be screened to determine if your intention is commensurate with your feelings and expectations. The doctor will insist that you carefully consider your reasons for undergoing plastic surgery and help you make sure that your expectations are realistic.


The benefits of facial plastic surgery

One can never underestimate the emotional benefits of plastic surgery. This is often greater than the physical rewards. When patients have been concerned or have felt bad about the way you look, plastic surgery that eliminates that concern, naturally makes the patient feel better about themselves and their outlook for the future.


Consult with a top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte

If you are considering plastic surgery, consider one of the top facial plastic surgeons in North Carolina. You want to meet with a plastic surgeon that is attentive to your goals and motivations. You will receive excellent one-on-one care throughout your pre-operative, operative and post-operative experience at the Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery. Your safety is their primary concern; hence, Dr. Freeman and his staff will spend time carefully reviewing your medical history in an effort to ensure that you are a good candidate for plastic surgery. With the use of PC imaging and digital photos, you will be allowed to view the expected results for some procedures. Call their office today for a consultation on elective facial plastic surgery.

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