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Charlotte NC’s best options for lip enhancement

Options for lip enhancement

Lip enhancement or lip augmentation can take years off a person’s face.  Full, luscious lips can make all the difference in how a person feels about themselves and their appearance.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon has several different procedures for improving the appearance of the lips.  These procedures can address thin or disproportionate lips making them fuller and more beautiful.  Dr. Freeman specializes in facial plastic surgery and has more than twenty years of experience improving the appearance of his patients through a variety of facial plastic surgery techniques and laser treatments.


Lip enhancements procedure

Dr. Freeman typically uses either injectable fillers or surgical implants in his lip enhancement procedures.  There are several types of implants available for use in the lips, but Dr. Freeman generally recommends implantable dermis as the safest.  He bases this recommendation on years of facial plastic surgical experience and will always provide a recommendation based on the patient’s goals from surgery and the safest procedure to provide natural, realistic results.

Using fillers for lip enhancement

When patients are asking for a more subtle improvement to their lips, Dr. Freeman may recommend injectable fillers.  The filler recommended will depend upon the patient’s desires.  Dr. Freeman typically recommends either a fat injection or a hyaluronic acid product.  Lip enhancement using injectable fillers is performed by Dr. Freeman at his state-of-the-art clinic in Charlotte NC.  This provides the best convenience and privacy for each patient.  Dr. Freeman first thoroughly numbs the lip area and then injects the fillers.  Some patients may experience swelling or bruising in the area of the injection, but these will usually disappear within 24 to 48 hours.


Lip enhancement with implants

If a patient desires or requires a more drastic improvement to their lips, Dr. Freeman may recommend using implants.  Dermis as implant material has been used for many years.  It provides a soft, natural look to the lips and is the safest material.  Dr. Freeman uses an allograft which is human tissue that is transplanted from one person to another.  Allograft tissue implants are used in thousands of surgical procedures every month and Dr. Freeman receives the dermal allografts which he uses in lip enhancement from specialized U.S. sources only.  These sources are under the oversight and regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are typically tissue banks where the tissue is surgically removed from donors in sterile operating rooms.   All allograft dermis implants undergo stringent screening before they are released for surgical procedures by the tissue bank.


Dr. Freeman also performs lip enhancement with implants at his clinic in Charlotte NC.  He inserts the allograft dermis under the lip tissue where it enhances the soft tissue of the lips.  Since an allograft dermis can be rolled, folded, or stacked as necessary, Dr. Freeman can create just the right amount of lip enhancement for the best, most natural-looking results.

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