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Cases of teen rhinoplasty

Taylor and his nose

(Note: The following are dramatizations.)


Ever since he was a small child, Taylor’s nose and ears had always seemed a little too big for him. Otoplasty fixed his ears before he was old enough for kindergarten, but even his friends joked about his nose.


His parents told him he would get used to it, and he did… until his teenage years when he became more and more self-conscious about his nose. At fourteen, a surgeon had to tell him he was not quite old enough for teen rhinoplasty (17 being the earliest age recommended for boys).


But using computer imaging, the surgeon was able to show him what his face would look like after various surgical procedures. This showed Taylor that what he really needed was work on his chin, to balance his nose. Fourteen was also too young to have surgery done on his chin, but not too young for temporary fillers that accomplished the same thing.


Marissa and the accident

Marissa was the prettiest girl in her homeroom and had a perfectly shaped nose. Was and had are the operative words.


When she was twelve, she took a spill on a bicycle, split her upper lip and broke her nose badly. Her parents gave the job of setting her nose to the doctor that both she and they trusted more than anyone else — her pediatrician.


It would be fair to say that no pediatrician in the Charlotte area could have done a better job of fixing her nose. That said, a good many plastic surgeons could have done better. Whether she was still the prettiest girl in her homeroom was a matter of opinion, but no one would have called her nose perfect anymore. Worse, the crookedness of her nose caused breathing troubles which led to sleep apnea, and the snoring kept the rest of her family up at night. There was also a scar on her upper lip.


This was a major blow to her self-confidence just at the point when she was starting to care whether boys noticed her. When she was fourteen, her parents took her to a real plastic surgeon, who let her know that next year she’d be old enough for teen rhinoplasty. In the meantime, she was old enough for a laser treatment that reduced the scar on her upper lip.


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