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Brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC explains the facial plastic surgical costs

Brow lift surgery cost breakdown according to professional surgeons

Brow lift surgery experts in Charlotte NC insist on the need to think of the cost implication of the whole procedure before scheduling it. Our brows’ position can alter as we become older. The skin of the top eyelid may grow heavy and give off a worn appearance if the brows droop as we age. The proportions of the face can shift as the brows droop. Surgery is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. Before deciding whether to have surgery, patients must consider their options and have many questions. I frequently get asked, “How much does a brow lift cost in Charlotte?” It depends on the type of brow lift.

An endoscopic brow lift and a minimally invasive brow lift with a 1 cm incision are the two types of brow lifts that doctors do most frequently. Endoscopic brow lifts take longer and are only performed on patients who have more significant brow drooping. These factors contribute to the procedure’s higher cost compared to the 1 cm minimally invasive browlift. During a brow lift, a group of medical experts, tools, and materials are used. The cost of a brow lift is mostly composed of three factors, namely:

Facility fee

I would want to have a brow lift performed in a sterile, secure, and comfortable setting if I were getting the procedure in North Carolina. The place where the patient has their procedure is where the facility charge is paid. The place can be a clinic, a hospital, or an office. The facility’s staff, supplies, and equipment are paid for using this fee.

Each location has a different facility cost, although in general, an office will have lower fees. Patients who want to lower the cost of their brow lifts may choose to have the procedure done in the office.

Anesthesia fee

A patient may need to be put to sleep or “knocked out” by anesthetic in order to have a brow lift. The cost of the medical personnel administering the anesthesia (anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist) and all of their supplies is covered by the anesthesia charge. The anesthesiologist uses drugs to manage pain, prevent infection, and treat or stop nausea.

Surgeon’s fee

The surgeon’s fee is paid to the facial plastic surgeon’s clinic and includes all of the costs associated with maintaining a successful business. The cost at my office includes any consultations a patient has with the doctor both before and after the treatments. Prior to surgery, there are normally 1-2 appointments, and the first year after surgery, there should be at least 5 appointments. It covers the duration of the operation, which might last anywhere between one and three hours.

Note: Many more expenses are incurred to pay for a medical practice’s overhead, staff salaries, patient care supplies, power, rent, and other expenses.

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Brow lift surgery can help deal with aging signs on the face, helping restore a youthful appearance. Work with the best-qualified brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC for outstanding results. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.