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Brow lift surgery in Charlotte NC: what you need to know from the top facial plastic surgeon

Brow lift surgeon in Charlotte NC gives you all the details before your procedure
Brow lift in Charlotte NC is a process, from your top facial plastic surgeon, that reverses the signs of aging and restores a youthful contour to your eyebrows, upper eye lids, and forehead by lifting and tightening the soft tissues in the forehead. The various brow lifting methods are done in various locations and involve different incision lengths.

The skin on your face will still continue to lose elasticity as you age, so although the results are dramatic, they are not permanent. Additional procedures to enhance your appearance may be recommended by your doctor. Brow lifts are commonly performed alongside other procedures such as eye lid surgery and a face lift.

Why are brow lifts performed?
A brow lift is usually recommended to minimize lines and creases between your eyebrows and on the forehead. It is also done to slightly reposition your eyebrows and create a more refreshed and awake appearance.
You should always ask your doctor about all of your options and consider getting a second opinion since there are other options to choose from that can help improve your appearance.

Brow lift surgery types
Depending on your goals, anatomy, and the extent of work needed to achieve your desired results, your surgeon will use different techniques for brow lift surgery such as minimally invasive surgery and open surgery.

Surgery and recovery
This type of surgery is performed at a hospital and uses general or local anesthesia. The type of brow lifts as well as other procedures that are being done at the same time will determine how long the surgery will take. The stitches or staples that are used to close your incisions are typically removed after one week.
It is very common to experience some discomfort as well as tightness throughout your forehead, you may also feel very little pain. Bruises and swelling are common within the first 10 days or so and may be resolved after two weeks.

Are there any risks?
Compared to other procedures, brow lifts have few complications. You can still experience side effects such as nausea and vomiting, blood beginning to pool under your skin, or even hair loss around your incision. As sensory nerves being to regenerate, you can expect to feel a temporary numbness and tingling which has been known to last for a few months with some patients.
Although it may be hidden very well, depending on which technique your doctor uses, you can expect to have a scar from the doctor’s incision. Your doctor will have some before and after pictures to give you an idea of how the scar will look, you can ask for these during your consultation.

Brow lift in Charlotte NC from your top facial plastic surgeon
Your brow lift in Charlotte NC can make you feel better about your appearance by giving you a more alert and younger look.


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