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Brow lift surgery experts in Charlotte NC explain the eyebrow lifting surgery types

Brow lift surgery experts in Charlotte NC, help boost your confidence. Continue reading to learn how the brow lift boosts your confidence.

Brow lift surgery results improve your facial appeal, offering you a confidence boost

Brow lift surgery experts in Charlotte NC evaluate your case to chart a way forward for the procedure. The experts talk about your needs and goal while assessing your medical history to make sure you are eligible for the procedure.

According to their evaluation, brow lift surgery experts can opt for one of the three different eyebrow lifting surgery types. The main difference among the options is the incision point and where the results are directed. Each method yields varying results, and they are all practical for the best results.

Below is an outline of the various eyebrow lifting surgery options.

Coronal brow lift

This brow lift surgery type focuses on removing excess skin around the forehead. The surgeons then reposition the underlying tissue and muscle, which helps eliminate the deep furrows that smoothen the forehead.

The incisions are made where the face starts from one ear to another. The incision is parallel to the hairline to avoid damaging hair follicles. Muscle repositioning is done after the incision is done, and the hair hides the resulting scar. The procedure is effective for dealing with wrinkles on the forehead.

Direct blow lift

This surgery typically involves making incisions right above the eyebrow hairs. This procedure deals with excess facial muscles that the brow hair can hide. The excess skin is removed with relative ease, after which the experts can remove the skin with ease.

Selectively dissecting the eyebrow skin leaves the muscles exposed and easily manipulable to deal with the excess skin. The resulting scar can be hidden with ease and are practical for making results that are easy to find out.

Endoscopic brow lift

This procedure focuses more on manipulating the facial muscles without making huge incisions. Endoscopic brow lift procedures involve making single entry points just above the ears or behind the hairline.

After the incisions are made, the endoscope is attached so the surgeon can see what muscles and tissue they are dealing with. Removal of excess fat and tissue results in hidden scars beneath the hair that are functional for top results. The resulting scars are somewhat irrelevant but remain hidden beneath the hairline.

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