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Brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC explains the different facial plastic surgeries

Brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte NC handle different types of surgery to achieve the desired results. Call your top facial plastic surgeon today

Brow lift surgery experts decide the surgery type that is best suited for you

Brow lift surgery experts in Charlotte NC offer multiple surgery options to choose one that will offer you the results you desire. The procedure selected will be determined by a variety of factors, including your desired results, the present positions of your eyebrows and hairline, the shape of your face generally, and any underlying medical issues. Your surgeon will go over your options with you, which may involve both cosmetic and functional procedures. The procedures available include:

Direct brow lift
In order to reduce scar visibility, a direct brow lift is performed utilizing an incision that is made directly above the eyebrow hairs. Using this method, the eyebrow can be lifted dramatically and permanently. The procedure can be done on its own or in conjunction with other eyelid procedures, and it can be done under local anesthetic with or without iv sedation. To reduce scarring, permanent sutures are frequently used and are extracted after seven to ten days.

Internal brow lift
The procedure for an internal brow lift, also known as a browpexy, employs the same incision as an upper eyelid blepharoplasty or ptosis correction. The brow fat that has crept into the eyelid is reattached to its natural location higher up the forehead during this treatment. Unlike other brow lift procedures, this one is excellent for achieving a slight lift of the corner of the eye of the brow without a second incision and with a short recovery period.

Endoscopic brow lift
To minimize obvious scars, three to five tiny incisions must be made in the scalp behind the hairline for this surgery. The entire forehead, which may have been fixed using sutures or other fixation devices, is then released and elevated by the surgeon using an endoscope, a thin, flexible instrument with a light and camera. Usually, staples are used to close the incisions, and they are taken out seven to ten days later. By subtly raising the hairline, this treatment lifts and forms the brow and also softens forehead lines.

Coronal brow lift
A coronal brow lift might be the best choice for patients who have substantial brow ptosis and a receding hairline. This surgery involves making an incision 2-3 millimeters beyond the hairline, lifting and releasing the forehead and brows, and then closing the wound with staples that are removed seven to ten days later. The aim is to slightly decrease the hairline, smooth the forehead, and lift the eyebrows.

Find the best brow lift surgery from top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon

Brow lift surgery results depend on the procedure option that your surgeon chooses. Working with the best brow lift surgery expert in Charlotte can help you achieve appealing results.

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