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Best teen rhinoplasty surgeon for teenagers in Charlotte NC

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons in Charlotte are nose job experts. In the bid to look good like the celebrities who had nose jobs, teenagers have resolved to have Rhinoplasty. Another reason for a nose job is to adjust the size of the nose or to treat breathing problems that might be caused by the narrow build of the nostrils. These reasons have made the need for rhinoplasty shoots very high.


Teen Rhinoplasty procedure

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons with parental consent can perform rhinoplasty on teenagers. The need for rhinoplasty in teenagers ranges from cosmetic reasons to patients having breathing problems. Teenagers are very concerned about their facial appearance; anything less than perfection is unacceptable to them and considered deformity, especially in a world where social media trends on the daily. Self-image is a big issue for teenagers, as it dampens their self-esteem. Facial trauma that results from the awkwardness of the shape, angle, bump, or size of the nose cannot be overemphasized. Teens Without self-esteem teens are often taunted by peers due to their physical deformities.


Is a nose job right for me?

Teen rhinoplasty surgeons also take their time to advise intending rhinoplasty candidates. Teens go through a thorough discussion with the professionals before the procedure. Teenage rhinoplasty suitable candidates are boys over the age of fifteen and girls over the age of fourteen. The reason is that at this age the nose and other facial features usually have stopped growing. Teenagers should be mentally mature before taking such decisions.


Rhinoplasty revision

Teenage Rhinoplasty surgeons also perform rhinoplasty revision. You may ask what is rhinoplasty revision? Revision Rhinoplasty in simple terms means the correction of a previous nose job. The previous nose job might have been performed by an inexperienced surgeon, therefore the need to correct the errors made arises. Revision rhinoplasty is a more complicated procedure than the normal rhinoplasty or nose job. This is the reason why only certified professionals should be trusted to handle the surgery procedures.

Several reasons why revision rhinoplasty is required range from the fact that the nose is not functioning properly as it should, another reason is the lack of satisfaction with the appearance of the nose. In several cases, both difficulties in breathing and the unsatisfying appearance of the nose lead to rhinoplasty revision.


Choosing the best teen rhinoplasty surgeon.

Are you a teen or an adult? Are you thinking of having a rhinoplasty or a rhinoplasty revision? We have the best surgeon for you in Charlotte. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Our doors are always open to clients.