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Best soof lift blepharoplasty surgeon in Charlotte, NC for your eyelift

Soof lift blepharoplasty: an overview 

Soof lift blepharoplasty is a facelift, also known as suborbicularis oculi fat lifts. It is a procedure against aging. One of the most common features and signs of aging is the development and appearance of bags beneath the lower eyelid. And this becomes visible in many ways, including:


  • Dark coloration in bags
  • Swollen bags appearances
  • Drooping lower eyelid
  • Excess skin and wrinkles
  • We would all love to appear ageless. Aging has some unattractive and even depressing effects such as discoloration, fatigue, or bland skin, etc., well, old. One of the best ways you can regain that feeling and youthful look is by taking advantage of a Soof lift.


Dr. Freeman has performed numerous soof lift blepharoplasty that has resulted in happy clients that now have the appearance of youthful and healthy-looking skin. While the soof lift blepharoplasty is slightly more invasive than other facial rejuvenation and skin procedure types, soof lift itself is fairly simple for a professional and skilled surgeon. The procedure requires a small incision immediately inside the eye or below the eyelid. The descended fatty tissue is then repositioned higher and reattached to the facial bone.


Look younger with soof lift blepharoplasty 

After a soof lift blepharoplasty, it can take one and two weeks for a patient to fully recover and resume daily activities. Once healed, patients will be pleased to have much smoother skin beneath the eye with a more fresh, youthful, and beautiful appearance. Many soof lift patients claim that it takes years off their faces.


Is soof lift blepharoplasty right for you?

If you have considered having a soof lift or would like to learn about it, or about our other facial rejuvenation procedures in Charlotte, NC, contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces and schedule a no-obligation initial consultation. Also, a patient can have a soof lift combined with several other surgical techniques if desired.


Before you undergo a soof lift blepharoplasty or other types of facial rejuvenation surgery, you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sean Freeman or a member of our professional plastic surgery team to discuss what are the advantages, disadvantages, risks, duration, and to go over the procedures in more detail. Our plastic surgery experts will also make suggestions and recommendations on particular procedures that will work best for you so that you as our clients, can make more informed decisions on your overall skin health and appearance. We believe in making our clients feel comfortable, and respected, and ensuring them that we have their best interests and goals in mind.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to find which is the best procedure for you, and how to proceed.