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Reclaim your youth with facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC

Come to Charlotte, NC for the best facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is a great way to turn back the clock. Keep the wisdom that comes with age but lose the badges that show you’ve earned them. No one wants to relive the crazy days of their twenties, so keep the insight that got you where you are and lose signs of aging with a neck lift or lip enhancement.


There are many ways to enhance an aging face to reveal a more youthful glow. One such procedure is having a malar lift pad. Known more commonly as cheek implants, this surprisingly transformative procedure restores the youthful vitality of your face by tightening facial skin. It can also reduce wrinkles around the eyes and decrease lines around your nose.


For these delicate procedures, work with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman. As a double board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeon, his experience and skill are unmatched in his area of expertise. His skilled practice offers many options for anyone looking to enhance his or her aesthetic appeal. Once you decide to have cosmetic surgery, find the best cosmetic surgeon in Charlotte, NC.


Sometimes, facial plastic surgery can repair an aesthetic issue that has followed you most of your life, perhaps undermining your self-confidence. Feeling dissatisfied with your appearance from a young age can crush your confidence. Dr. M. Sean Freeman has been specializing in facial plastic surgery since 1988 and he understands why the face you present to the world should be one that makes you feel self-assured.


Trust experience with your more precious features

Any facial plastic surgery requires a skilled and experienced hand. Our faces are all created differently, so choosing a surgeon in Charlotte, NC who has worked with a vast array of faces types should be a priority. Don’t trust your face to just any surgeon, rely on someone who has built his career on one area of expertise. Focused work means a more reliable result.


Dr. Freeman offers an initial consult to anyone considering facial plastic surgery. Requesting this consultation online means $25 off the regular consultation fee. Every patient is fully informed about all aspects of his or her procedure after this meeting. Dr. Freeman will make sure you are comfortable and at ease with your decision to have cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic surgery can be as minor as a scar revision or as complex as facial implants. Whatever your need, these surgeries can transform your self-esteem and boost your confidence. Make sure to research Charlotte’s most skilled cosmetic surgeons before making a decision. To request a consultation for facial plastic surgery, contact Dr. Freeman’s office, Faces Only, conveniently located in Charlotte, NC.

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