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Choosing Charlotte’s best surgeon for facial plastic surgery

What happens after choosing the best surgeon for facial plastic surgery?

Here is more information on these procedures that often make up a facelift.

What does a facelift comprise?

Facial plastic surgery used to cover just a facelift as this used to be the only procedure. Nowadays, other procedures can be performed rather than opting for a full facelift. Neck lifts are one example, and they deliver great results in removing sagging skin from these lower facial areas.

Although a facelift doesn’t halt the aging process, it can take around ten years off your appearance. Where other individuals opt for injectables or fillers, these can last a matter of months before you need another session.

Read on to find out more about finding Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon to meet all your needs.

 Selecting your Charlotte NC Facelift Surgeon

A good place to start on your road to facial plastic surgery is to find a facial plastic surgeon, who is board certified. Dr. Freeman from Only Faces happens to be double-board certified. Therefore, there are no facial surgeries; he won’t know how to do, and how to deliver the best results possible.

The skills of Dr. Freeman are used in training sessions and the techniques he develops, followed by facial plastic surgeons around the USA.

Costs of Facial Plastic Surgery

In comparison to fillers and injectables, these facial plastic surgery procedures are expensive in one shot. However, over time, these costs are the most budget-friendly than these other forms of injections. Two visits per year for injections at the least and costs can quickly mount.

Additionally, it can be hard to put a price on one person’s facial plastic surgery, and use this as a basis for another. One patient may have a deep plane facelift, while another may have a SOOF lift. These procedures deliver great results on their own, and it will depend on the candidate, as to which is required.

Full facial surgery, or a mini facelift in Charlotte NC

Many candidates expect to have a full facelift, and from some facial plastic surgeons, they may receive this, if they need it or not. Dr. Freeman offers the best advice. If a patient does not need full facial plastic surgery, then he will advise which procedures are better suited.

 Different procedures receive good results. Such has the need changed; Dr. Freeman came up with his signature lift. This is less invasive than full facelifts and recovery time is slashed. While the facial plastic surgery procedure doesn’t affect every area of the face. Patients are surprised at how youthful they can look under the hands of Dr. Freeman and this mini-facelift.

Planning Your Charlotte NC Facelift Procedure

Every road to facial plastic surgery does need an in-depth consultation. Dr. Freeman will conduct a thorough consultation. He checks every area of the face for skin thickness, elasticity, and how he can achieve the results the patient is seeking. There will be many questions on both sides. A patient’s medical history will be inspected to be sure there are no issues he will face as he carries out the procedure.

It is easy to get the ball rolling and to contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. Any patient will be happy they select Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to carry out their facial plastic surgery.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.