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Can a Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon resolve aging triads?

Can a Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon resolve aging triads? Here is some useful information on these areas where aging shows first.

What are aging triads?

A Charlotte facial plastic surgeon can determine if a mini facelift is suitable for patients who don’t want to undergo a full deep plane facelift. The reason for this being there are three areas, which are the first to show signs of aging.

These triads can make individuals appear much older than they are. The three areas of concern are:

  • Skin drooping and snagging
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin thinning and loss of volume in the cheeks, eyes, and temples

 While fillers can resolve these issues, many patients don’t like the temporary fix and want Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon to help them fix these problems once and for all.

 How to deal with sagging and drooping skin in Charlotte NC

The classic standard treatment here is facelift surgery; however, many devices try to achieve the same without the need for anesthesia and surgery.

Some devices use radio frequencies and are called Ulthera or Thermage. The problem is that these are not a substitute for a double certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Freeman.

Patients can spend a small fortune on these devices and still come to Charlotte NC’s Only Faces clinic for a mini facelift and get the best results.

 A mini facelift can fix a loss of volume

Close to the tear troughs, smile lines, and just above the brow and the sockets of the eyes are all areas that can prematurely age. To correct these areas without using the temporary injections, the surgeon can improve these areas without carrying out a mini facelift.

It is possible to use harvested fat from the patient’s body. These are cleaned and then injected into these areas. While this facial plastic surgery procedure can deliver great results, it still does not deliver long-lasting effects like a full surgical procedure.

A top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon can banish skin wrinkles and fine lines

Many plastic surgery clinics may offer laser treatment to resolve these issues. However, these again are only a temporary fix and do nothing to tighten the skin to stop it wrinkling.

Dr. Freeman explains all this during his initial consultations. Patients find that he can deliver a different procedure than they are expecting. A good example is a mini facelift where he can correct most of the above aging triad issues in one go.

Dr. Freeman has developed many procedures, such as his signature lift. This can knock years off your appearance and deliver long-lasting results.

Facial plastic surgeon who can fix aging triads in Charlotte NC

Any possible candidate can speak about having a mini facelift. All it takes is some in-depth discussion with the doctor before proceeding. He will conduct a thorough examination to see the depth of the problems.

If you want to see how easy and how painless it can be by having a signature lift from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, contact Dr. freeman at Only Faces, and he will happily help you on the road to regaining a youthful appearance.

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