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Can a Charlotte facial plastic surgeon make me appear younger?

Will a Charlotte NC eyebrow lift make me appear younger? Here is all you ought to know about endoscopic brow lifts and how they can help you

Do you look tired even when you aren’t?

A facial plastic surgeon can help rejuvenate your facial appearance to something younger and more appealing. No matter how young or attractive you look. If you have a frown or a large cluster of grumpy-looking lines on your forehead, it makes you look older, with a look that’s not at all friendly.

It may be the appropriate time to consider a forehead lift surgical procedure. They can address all the little issues you may be having.

What will a top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC do?

Any form of eyebrow lift or forehead elevation often meant that Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon was cutting a portion of the scalp and tugging the excess skin upward before sewing it into position again. As a result, this process has a bad reputation for producing facial expressions where the patient looks surprised all the time.

Now Surgeons like Dr. Freeman have been spending many years improving their techniques, and through the process, they have become double board certified. This shows the commitment to their profession. An eyebrow lift is often a secondary procedure along with other procedures. They do, have a dramatic effect on their own.

Endoscopic eyebrow lift in Charlotte NC have a faster recovery time

These procedures bring with them faster recovery times. Top facial plastic surgeons make incisions in the forehead. Then they insert the endoscope. These small devices have small cameras located on the end.

From here, they analyze how skin and muscles connect to the patient’s forehead. They then proceed with the best surgical movements and techniques that allow for the fastest recovery. Although a straightforward procedure, there can be sometime before bruising and swelling subside.

Any patient must decide after speaking to their surgeon what alternatives are available, and which will deliver the best results.

First steps to looking younger in Charlotte NC

Many individuals will decide on these procedures because they see an eyebrow lift as delivering all they require to regain their youthful appearance. Lines are one of the worst things to make anyone appear older than they are.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be the very best person to conduct such a plastic surgery procedure. He was among the first plastic surgeons to conduct an endoscopic brow lift, so if someone knows the best procedures and the best techniques, then it will be him.

If you have any questions about an eyebrow lift procedure or if you can undergo any alternative procedure to get the results you are looking for. Then contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces, and he will be happy to arrange your first private consultation. From then on, you can learn more, and you’ll understand what he can do for you.

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