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Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC for your face surgery

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC can help patients with various surgical treatments to resolve many different issues.

The best facial plastic surgeon can help you look your best

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC has a tremendous job of helping clients to look and feel their best. There are various reasons why you might pursue facial plastic surgery, including dealing with blemishes and injuries to improving the shape and symmetry of various features for cosmetic purposes. Regardless of the reason for surgery, there are several procedures that might help the patient to get to their desired appearance. Continue reading to find out more about what’s available.

Common facial plastic surgery procedures

When it comes to cosmetic treatment, there are both surgical and nonsurgical methods. Let’s take a look at the surgical procedures you can get from Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon. For those who are looking for some work to be done on their noses, a nose job might be the answer. There are various types of rhinoplasty procedures, but one thing is common among them—they require an experienced professional who understands the various incisions that can be used for best results.

A rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the nose hump or change the point of the nose, among other results. When the patient is not happy with their results, revision rhinoplasty is often an option. Other related procedures to be aware of include an alar rim surgery following rhinoplasty and a teen rhinoplasty, available only once the teen has a fully developed nose.

Upper and lower eyelid surgeries and brow lift surgery are available for people who desire a more youthful look around the eyes. It takes a top facial plastic surgeon to know which procedure to use to address the patient’s case. For those looking to eliminate the baggy and saggy look around their eyes, these procedures can work wonders. Some of the other facial surgical procedures available include facelifts, face implants, lip augmentation, and lip lift.

Before you finalize which one you are going to get, you will need to schedule an initial consultation with the expert. They will likely take some images of your facial features, particularly in the area you want addressing by the treatment, such as your eyes, nose, or lips. They will provide you with an expert opinion on the best way forward and will also present you with the possible options and expected results after the surgery. It can help to see before and after pictures as well to help you visualize what the changes might be for you.

Best facial plastic surgeon in the area: Dr. Sean Freeman

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