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Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC explains procedures that pair well with a facelift

Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC offers patients a facelift, among other procedures. Learn more about what more they can do.

The best facial plastic surgeon can help you gain confidence from facelift results

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC handles facelifts for patients with sagging skin on the face and cheeks. The procedure helps restore a youthful appearance by dealing with wrinkles and facial rejuvenation.

Proper facelift results may excite you, but experts might do more work to get you even better results. A board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon will do a combination of facelifts and other procedures to enjoy a refined look.

Here are some of the procedures that pair well with the facelift.

Brow lift surgery

The brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, refers to the procedure to deal with wrinkles on your forehead. The procedure is done by manipulating the forehead muscles to tighten the skin around it and deal with the wrinkles. Experts take care of the sagging eyebrows to make you look younger and more appealing.

SOOF blepharoplasty

Droopy eyes and sagging eyelids often go hand in hand, and they are one of the ways that one can look washed out. The experts can take away the age from those eyes through eyelid surgery.

SOOF blepharoplasty removes the fat deposits in the eyelids to make you look younger and fresher. In essence, it accentuates your facelift results.


Also known as a nose job, this is a surgery to help reduce the size of the nose or reshape it. Although it does not always work for aging results, the procedure can tighten the skin around the nose and improve the patient’s appeal.

Neck lift

Most people notice aging lines along the neck as they grow older. The lines initially look impressive, but they start sagging with time which can be unappealing.

A sagging neck affects your appearance and can quickly do away with your youth. It is necessary to smoothen the lines on your neck by tightening the skin around it. A neck lift will restore your youth, making the facelift results look more realistic.

Chin lift or augmentation

Aging or weight gain can cause the chin to sag, which takes away the youth from your face. A chin lift helps tighten the skin that surrounds the chin area. You can enjoy a defined and softer look that accentuates your facelift results.

Work with the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

Some of the procedures that go well with a facelift help improve the patient’s look. Work with the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte for top results.

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