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Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon demystifies rhinoplasty myths and misconceptions

Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon helps you understand the rhinoplasty facts 

Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon is highly experienced and specializes in nose job procedures. Nose jobs or rhinoplasty grows more and more popular by the day, becoming one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. However, its popularity is also picking several myths and misconceptions along the way. It can be worrying if you look forward to having the procedure. Keep reading to debunk rhinoplasty myths.

Rhinoplasty results in long-term breathing problems

Conversely, a rhinoplasty surgery performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist should never permanently interfere with your nose’s functionality or breathing abilities. The procedure can be performed on medical grounds to correct long-stemming breathing problems by opening up and reconstructing the nasal passages. During recovery, one may experience minor nasal blockage due to the bandages, which subsides within the first few days.

A rhinoplasty procedure is painful

Patients do not feel a thing during the procedure as they are under general or local anesthesia. This further depends on the intricacy and nature of the specific procedure, your personal preferences, and the recommendation and experience of your plastic surgeon. Typically, your surgeon will list your surgical and pain-relieving options to affirm that you are comfortable and satisfied with your decision.

Only women opt for rhinoplasty

Women make up a majority of facial reconstruction or cosmetic surgery patients. But recently, a growing number of men are considering nose jobs. Like women, men are also self-conscious about their appearance. The difference is they don’t like to admit it like their counterparts. Additionally, men take up nose reshaping surgery for medical purposes, like correcting a deviated septum or widening narrow nasal passages for easier breathing.

Plastic surgeons can recreate a celebrity’s nose

Plastic surgery is not intended to make anyone look like someone else. Instead, it helps patients enhance their appearance to make them feel good about themselves and correct minor and serious physical problems. A professional surgeon won’t even promise to replicate another person’s characteristics.

All plastic surgeons can perform rhinoplasty

At face value, any plastic surgeon is qualified to carry out a rhinoplasty procedure. But just like other medical professions, plastic surgeons specialize in different body parts. That said, choosing a facial plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist for your nose reshaping surgery is safer. Also, select a highly experienced surgeon in the specific field who performs the procedure regularly and has completed hundreds of rhinoplasties. You can always ask for the before and after photographs of previous patients and read through testimonials.

Rhinoplasty results in a fake nose

This shouldn’t be the case when you select a passionate facial plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive rhinoplasty. The result should look natural to the point that people can’t tell you’ve had some work done. You can always voice any concerns about the procedure during the consultation stage.

Work with Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon

If considering a rhinoplasty procedure in Charlotte, search no further. Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon has successfully performed different types of facial plastic surgeries over the years. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at OnlyFacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.