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Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC for your facelift

Best facial plastic surgeon and how to find him

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte is the one you want to call when contemplating a facelift or rhinoplasty. Selecting the best facial plastic surgeon is one of the essential steps to ensure a satisfactory outcome from your facial plastic surgery procedure. At a bare minimum, you should choose a surgeon with extensive experience, expertise, and a consistent resume of satisfied patients. A good surgeon will be a patient listener, an effective communicator, and a caregiver who is compassionate. As many quality plastic surgeons will meet all of these qualities, many fall short, so it is vital to conduct some detailed research. Since facial plastic surgery is typically a non-emergent and elective procedure, there isn’t any excuse not to do the proper investigation to see if your chosen surgeon has the right credentials and qualifications; failing to do so means you will be gambling with the appearance of your face.


The quality of your chosen facial surgery procedure will largely depend on the quality of your surgeon; finding the best surgeon who is skilled in cosmetic plastic surgery can sometimes be challenging. One downside is that there is no single reliable source of information that can help you find the best surgeon. Also, some sources of information can be contradictory, inaccurate, or hard to access. Information should be carefully cross-referenced and evaluated after being gathered from all available sources to determine the best possible assessment. The entire process can be challenging and time-consuming, but a good choice becomes clear eventually for many patients.


What to look for in a facial plastic surgeon

Here are the best tips for you to use when searching for the best facial plastic surgeon:


Know what you want: Determine what it is you don’t like about the area you want to change. Find photos of people who have an ideal look that you would like to see, and use this as a starting point.


It’s essential to remember that it can look awkward on you even though a procedure worked wonderfully for someone else. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, one size does not fit all.


The best facial plastic surgeon can help you to determine what you are looking for from your chosen procedure, explain what is possible, and help you choose the right look.


Experience and expertise: Because each procedure requires different techniques, each surgery will need a facial plastic surgeon with a set of highly specialized skills. Your surgeon should be a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Research online to ensure that the surgeons that you are thinking of choosing to meet this requirement. Look over the American Society of Plastic Surgeons for a list of qualified doctors in your local area.


Read reviews: Read the reviews of previous patients. These can be found on consumer medical websites, surgeon’s websites, and sites such as Yelp.


When visiting the surgeon for a consultation, ask for any before and after pictures that you can look over of patients who have had the same procedure that you are considering. These photos will show you some real-life examples of the surgeon’s work.


Meet the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: Dr. Sean Freeman

When you have narrowed your search for the best facial plastic surgeon, in the Charlotte NC area to a couple of doctors, your next step will be to schedule a consultation appointment with each of them. This consultation is not a commitment; this is your chance to meet the surgeon, understand their approach, and learn about the potential results.Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.