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Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC and the basics on plastic surgery

Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte is not hard to find if you know where to look.  It is important that people seeking facial reconstructions get all of their questions answered before you choose your surgeon for this most important surgery.


One of the most popularly discussed facial rejuvenation surgeries is the” facelift,” yet there is still much confusion regarding what a facelift is, what it entails, and the result it can achieve. Part of the reason this has occurred is due to the various marketing schemes and advertisements that have blurred the terminology.


So let’s start with the very basics – what exactly is a facelift? First, it is a surgery and therefore done under some method of sedation or anesthesia. As all surgeries are due, they require the Best facial plastic surgeon who has been properly trained and knows how to use the proper instruments to perform the surgery accordingly.


How to choose the best facial plastic surgeon

After these two requirements have been met, the next and fundamental concept to grasp is the goal or objective of the facelift and it is at this point some confusion occurs. One is not simply lifting the whole face with this operation, as the name suggests. The Best facial plastic surgeon is trying to remove redundant skin and excess fat deposits from the neck and lower face.


Please note that the eyelids, forehead, upper face, and nose were not part of this description. Methods used to rejuvenate those areas of the face have completely different surgical techniques and their own set of potential complications and results.


Since the goal is to rejuvenate or to lift structures in the lower face and neck that have fallen over time, how is this goal accomplished – again, another area of confusion. The differences in face-lifting techniques can not only vary from surgeon to surgeon but also from patient to patient.


Methods used in facial plastic surgery

The method of suspension is one aspect to consider. Remember, the surgeon is lifting or re-suspending tissues of the lower face and neck that have fallen with age. It suffices to say, the method by which those tissues are suspended will have implications on how natural the results appear and how long-lasting those results can be. There is a vast array of suspension methods – from excision of tissue and implication to using special suture suspension systems. With differing suspension methods, come a different set of potential complications.


Interestingly, the way most facelift techniques are described and marketed to the lay public emphasizes the length and/or placement of the incision, which makes sense because it tends to be of the biggest concern to the patient. However, other things are important concerning the procedure, and patients should be careful not to lose sight while focusing too much on the incision.

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

The best advice is for a patient to educate themselves and to seek out Best Facial plastic surgeon skilled in not only surgical technique but facial analysis and judgment. Research the surgeon on the web, and make sure you feel 100% comfortable knowing what strategy will be taken, and how things will progress after the initial surgery.


There is a lot involved with facelifts, and for the best results, spend some time thinking and studying the facelift procedure, asking questions, and more. A little planning never hurt anyone, especially with facelifts!


So if you are searching for a professional to answer all your questions in Charlotte, NC, then OnlyFaces is the place to find the help. Dr. Freeman will assist and assess your needs for facial surgery and direct you on the correct path.


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