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Best facial plastic surgeon for a Charlotte face surgery

What does the best facial plastic surgeon do?

The best facial plastic surgeon can perform a number of facial procedures. This type of surgery is an act of treating multiple different signs and areas of aging. A face makeover can be divided into 2 methods:



  • Mini neck and facelift;
  • Laser blepharoplasty lower and upper eyelid;
  • Wrinkles laser resurfacing;
  • Cheeks’ fat transfer;
  • Neck liposculpture.


  • Lip filler;
  • Muscle relaxant around eyes.


The best facial plastic surgeon can provide a facial makeover surgery with multiple procedures that are less invasive during one operation.


Why should you choose to have facial makeover surgery?

With facial makeover surgery, the best facial plastic surgeon can have cosmetic surgery in more than one area on the face. It is beneficial to have all the procedures of the operation done at once. This will cut down the amount of time you need to go under anesthetic and also, it is also cost-effective.


What is performed during facial makeover surgery?

Facial makeover commonly involved eyelid surgery along with face & neck lifts. This combination allows the swelling and settling to take place on one occasion, as eye surgery and facelift usually take around the same time to heal. Also, a brow lift can be added but this will add further swelling and the recovery time will take slightly longer. It is also possible to do a nose job during these procedures and also the upper eyelid surgery. Some surgeons prefer not to do a Rhinoplasty with a facelift or lower eyelid surgery as the swelling post-operation could become problematic.

Finally, it is also possible to have a face-lift alongside other surgery around the body, you can discuss this with the surgeon during the consultation.


How long is the recovery time after the best facial plastic surgeon

After a facial makeover surgery, the recovery time depends on the type of surgery and the individual patient. During a consultation, your best facial plastic surgeon will advise you on the recovery process.


Finding the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC

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