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Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon explains when insurance covers eyelift surgery

Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon helps deal with sagging eyebrows to improve aesthetics. Here’s what you need to know about insurance covering costs.

 Best eyelift surgeon can help solve your sagging eyelid issues

Charlotte’s best eyelift surgeon can help you improve your overall look by dealing with sagging eyelids. Once you decide on eyelift surgery, you must also plan for the costs to make sure that the whole procedure will be affordable. When going for different solutions, it is ideal that the option you settle for will be one of a kind.

A common question clients ask is whether insurance will cover the whole procedure. Here are some instances when insurance can offer cover for surgery.

  • Functional eyelid surgery, which improves vision for some patients, is performed on the eyelids. One type of operation that can fit into this category is an upper eyelid lift. This includes repairing eyelid ptosis or raising a brow that has drooped. The operation, which is most frequently linked to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic-type procedures, aims to reduce extra skin covering the upper eyelids or to widen them. Some people may see better with their eyelids slightly wide, and most frequently, people raise their eyebrows frequently to open their eyes, which is an indication of a drooping eyelid. When eyelid surgery is performed merely to eliminate under-eye bags, it is seen as an elective procedure and is not reimbursed by insurance.
  • If it is determined to be medically required, one may be eligible for eyelid surgery that is covered by health insurance. The main reason given is that excess upper eyelid skin can impede eyesight and make daily tasks like driving, reading, and using electronic gadgets significantly riskier. If your droopy eyelids are causing you any particular problems in your daily life, tell your doctor. If your eyelashes are covering your pupil, functional eyelid surgery may involve removing the extra skin that hangs over it, elevating the level where they sit, or, if your insurance plan covers it, lifting your sagging brow.
  • The first step is to check up your insurance provider to determine if eyelid surgery is even a possibility before determining whether it is covered by insurance. Standardized photographs will be taken during your appointment so the doctor can assess whether the eyelid is obstructing your vision. You’ll need to take a visual field exam because many insurances providers demand confirmation of this in order to decide whether to cover eyelid surgery. The patient’s insurance company will approve the images and visual field. Depending on the patient’s unique insurance plan, your insurance company may determine that you qualify for eyelid surgery through insurance for all or a portion of the treatment cost.

Work with the best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC

Insurance coverage takes care of the costs, allowing you to have eyelid lift surgery. Getting the best results involves working with the best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte NC.

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