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Best eyelift surgeon in Charlotte: Top facial plastic surgeon

Eyelift is a procedure or treatment done on both the upper and lower eyelids to create the appearance of an eyelid lift. It is done mostly on the upper eyelids because an extra fold of skin could hang over the eyelashes and get in the way of sight, and on the lower eyelid because excessive skin on the lower eyelid causes wrinkles and bulges. This tends to occur as one is aging and the skin loses its elasticity. Eyelift can generally help to improve your facial outlook and in turn improve your self-esteem.

Eyelifts can be done through a surgical means referred to as blepharoplasty and through a non-surgical means referred to as non-surgical blepharoplasty. However, in both cases, it’s important to see medical personnel, either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon before you proceed.

What is involved in Eyelift surgery?

Eyelift surgery requires a discussion with your surgeon where both of you can talk about your plans and goals and how an Eyelift can either benefit or negatively affect those plans. Afterwards, depending on whether you plan to go ahead with the surgery, it’s important to get someone who will drive you home after the surgery as there’s a high possibility of blurry vision and high sensitivity to light after the surgery. There should be ice cubes ready, along with an ice pack, small gauze pads, eye drops(some patients often experience dryness of eyes after the procedure), clean washcloths and over-the-counter medication, specifically painkillers which will be prescribed by your doctor to avoid an increased risk of bleeding. These aforementioned items will help in better recovery after the surgery.


Benefits of getting an Eyelift

Eyelift generally helps in improving appearance, but apart from looks, there are other benefits gotten from an Eyelift, some of them include:

  • For better vision

When your vision gets compromised, depending on the examinations of your doctor, you might require an Eyelift.


Risks associated with getting an Eyelift

Eyelift has a lot of risks associated with it especially if it’s not being done by a professional, however, the major risk involved in Eyelift surgery is excessive bleeding or bruising and asymmetry.


Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

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