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Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeons explain what to look for in a specialist

Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeons help patients promote a successful procedure

Best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeons insist that the most crucial step in promoting a satisfactory rhinoplasty procedure is choosing the right specialist. Rhinoplasty ranks as the most challenging of all cosmetic procedures. That means you should not only choose the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, but one with consistency in excellent results. Since rhinoplasty is an elective, non-emergent procedure, taking the time to carry out research on the qualifications and credentials of your surgeon is the least you can do to foster success.

What to look for in a rhinoplasty specialist

Medical license

A valid medical license is needed to legally conduct rhinoplasty. An active and unrestricted medical license is an affirmation from the state medical board that the individual has met the minimum academic training and at least one year of post-graduate training. The state board of medicine can also provide information on any disciplinary actions taken against the medical provider.

Board certification

Successful completion of both an ACGME-accredited residency program and a comprehensive oral and written competency examination specific to the given medical specialty is denoted by a certification from an American Board of Medical Specialties board. Still, board certification does not guarantee rhinoplasty proficiency. It only ascertains a minimum level of book knowledge and clinical competency during the examination. But it does not certify artistic skill, integrity, dexterity, compassion, or prolonged surgical experience. Interestingly, many board-certified surgeons have little to no practical experience in rhinoplasty surgery.

Specialty niche

As expected, surgeons who specialize in a particular surgical niche have more interest and better skill in that subspecialty. It results in more consistent results in the procedures. Several different paths can lead to credentialing in rhinoplasty surgery, including otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat surgery), plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, and oral surgery. All have different advantages and disadvantages with no exclusive lock on quality results.

Malpractice history

No one wants to entrust their face to a specialist with a history of negligence and bad outcomes. Contacting the state medical board for malpractice activity during the selection stage is recommended. While malpractice claims are often without merit, several judgments or settlements against a surgeon should be a red flag.


One of the reassuring indicators of a quality procedure is a word-of-mouth endorsement from someone you can trust, such as a friend or family member. Accounts of favorable surgical results, responsiveness to patient concerns, and proper follow-up care are some of the things to look out for. Additionally, internet message boards and other online forums have recently become a source of word-of-mouth referral information. The conversations generated by these websites have promoted greater patient awareness, exposed incompetent practitioners, and generated a ‘virtual’ support network among rhinoplasty patients.

Choose the best Charlotte Rhinoplasty surgeons

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