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Best Charlotte facial plastic surgeon available at Only Faces of Charlotte

Best Charlotte facial plastic surgeon:  attention to detail matters:

Sure, Dr. Freeman of Only Faces in Charlotte is the Most Experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon in the Southeast.  He is respected for his innovations in the field, and he often finds solutions where other plastic surgeons cannot.  Throughout his career, Dr. Freeman has studied the whole face.  And even when he was developing procedures for specific treatments, he kept his philosophy in front:  Always attempt to achieve balance and harmony throughout the whole face.  Balance and harmony are what keeps his patients singing his praises.But sometimes we don’t need to be “super-sized,” we simply need a “small plate,” please.


Facial implants: a small pad with big results:

Facial implants are most common on the cheek and chin.  If you think of the phrases “strong chin” and “rosy cheeks,” you can see why this is a fantastic way to revive your appearance.  Both procedures involve securing a pad under the skin to eliminate sagging or sunken areas.  For the cheek implant, age is usually the culprit in a sagging cheek area, but younger people are consulting more often with Only Faces.  A cheek implant in a younger person can round out the contour of the face.

The chin is commonly an area where heredity casts the dice.  Some get a good one, some get none.  The simple procedure for the chin is to make a pocket in the bone of the chin, then securing a pad of necessary size and shape.  This procedure brings the chin into alignment with the face, improving one’s overall appearance.


Lips: so many hate the look, so many get them done:

We know the camera puts ten pounds on a person; a trim, healthy-looking actress may only weigh an unhealthy78 pounds!  The lip enhancements we often see on screen may be the victims of this same phenomenon: they just don’t look natural.  And let’s be honest, we have all seen ladies who see something much different in their mirrors than what we see as we pass them on the street.  Unfortunately for them, they have plastic surgeons who just say yes.  At Only Faces, Dr. Freeman wants to say yes:  to the face you see in your dreams.  More is not always best.  But you don’t have that worry at Only Faces in Charlotte.  Dr. Freeman and his staff are committed to bringing out your best face.  That is why he is so dedicated to creating a natural appearance for his patients.


Lip augmentation is performed in two ways.  If your lips simply need a little pick-me-up, injectable fillers like Restylane (Dr. Freeman’s favorite) can be used to plump lips to their younger days.

If your lips need more, surgery can be done to place tissue (mainly collagen) under the dermis of the lips.  The tissue is all-natural and over time, fuses with the existing lip tissue to create a natural, balanced look.Marilyn Monroe used eight layers of lipstick to achieve her famous look.  Our lips are important!  So often, age thins them out, especially the top lip in women.  This gives that weak, colorless appearance, and it is due, not to lack of fat or tissue but weakened muscles. For this problem, a lip lift is the answer.  A small incision is made under the nose.  Then the tiny muscles of the lips are tightened,and any excess skin is removed.  The top lip is brought back into the right proportion and your smile is renewed.


Neck lift surgery: when turtlenecks fail:

Often, we forget that the neck is included as part of the face in any facial plastic surgery practice.  This is because the face and neck so often affect each other in both positive and negative ways.  A neck lift is designed to erase the effects of gravity as we age.  Neck lift surgery is a bigger procedure than chins or cheeks, so it must be individually tailored to the patient.  The incisions are in the same area as for a facelift, within the hairline.  Then, Dr. Freeman does three things in a neck lift: removes excess skin, smooths the muscles in the neck to eliminate that rope-like effect, and uses liposuction to remove any excess fat.

Even though Dr. Freeman would never perform a surgical procedure one does not need, he does encourage patients who do need other treatments to consider doing them at the same time.  The incision sites are minimized, the time under anesthesia is lessened, and the overall results are better than expected.


If you want attention to detail, call the best Charlotte facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces.  Their motto is, “Only Faces, only the Best Care!” Contact Dr. Freeman’s office to schedule a consultation.