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An eye brow lift can help you look your youngest

Browlift are becoming more common

Plastic surgery is more accessible and more widely used than it used to be, especially when it comes to brow lifts. Browlift can change your appearance and improve your facial expressions. In fact, there are four types of browlift available. These include a full brow lift, 3/4 brow lift, lateral brow lift and an asymmetric brow lift. Each brow lift will vary for each patient depending on what the doctor recommends. Based on his or her expertise, a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC will take a look at the position of the eye brows, how much extra upper eyelid skin is present and the hairline height. Based on the assessment, one of the four brow lifts will be recommended for the patient.


The four brow lift procedures range from having your brows fully lifted to having just one adjusted to make your face more symmetrical. A full brow lift is when the entire eye brow is manipulated through surgery to adjust the position of the eye brows. A 3/4 brow lift is performed when significant adjustment to the lateral and medial brow is needed. A lateral brow lift is when the lateral brow needs to be lifted but the medial brow is normal. The asymmetric brow lift is when the facial plastic surgeon positions both eye brows to be symmetrical on each side. Each one of the four brow lifts attempts to raise the brow and improve the appearance of the face.


A brow lift, when performed in Charlotte, NC, is specifically performed due to the lateral and medial brows being too heavy. It is also performed due to inferior rotation in the brow of the medial head or for heavy brow depressors and thicker skin.The procedure of an eye brow lift is done with an endoscope, which is a thin, long tube. There is a light at the end, and the entire tube is attached to a video camera. It is then inserted into several small incisions in the skin of the scalp. This allows the doctor to see what he is doing and work on the forehead with ease. A brow lift can help you look and feel younger, boosting your self esteem and your view of how others see you.


The best surgical browlift in Charlotte, NC for a new you

If you think a brow lift is for you, you should seek a consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon through Only Faces with Dr. Freeman. Dr. Freeman is one of the few that has been double board certified and specializes in facial surgery in the Charlotte, NC area. He has been performing facial plastic surgery since 1988. A consultation can help you decide which brow lift is for you and how it will be performed. Once you are fully informed, you can make the decision to look younger and more beautiful.

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