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A minituck by Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon can refresh your look

The minituck is used by Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon to reverse the signs of aging

The minituck or SignatureLift is a type of face lift performed by Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman.  This procedure is very similar to the weekend lift popularized in the media over the last few years.  The procedure is typically performed on younger patients who just need work eliminating minor drooping or sagging on their jaw line, neck, and cheeks.


The minituck is not meant to address problems with the forehead, eyelids or brow.  If a patient needs help with these areas, then Dr. Freeman may recommend other procedures such as a deep plane facelift or a brow lift.  It is also possible that Dr. Freeman may recommend more than one procedure to address all of a patient’s concerns with their appearance.


Consultation and evaluation

Dr. Freeman meets with each patient, one-on-one to discuss the patient’s goals for their facial plastic surgery.  During this consultation appointment, Dr. Freeman will evaluate the patient’s bone structure and skin elasticity.  This evaluation helps Dr. Freeman determine which procedure is right for the patient’s individual situation.  Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon and is very experienced in both minituck and deep plane facelift procedures.  Depending upon the patient’s individual situation, Dr. Freeman may recommend a minituck or facelift, but he may also recommend a non-surgical procedure such as injectables, fillers,or laser procedures.


Alternate facial rejuvenation procedures

Another non-surgical option offered by Dr. Freeman at his Charlotte NC clinic is injectable fillers.   Injectables should also be performed by a qualified healthcare professional to achieve the best results.  Dr. Freeman offers a number of injectable fillers including JUVEDERM®, Restylane, and RADIESSE®.   Each of these treatments addresses issues with frownlines, creases, and crow’s feet.

Dr. Freeman offers several types of laser procedures designed to improve the appearance of the face or skin.  For fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, Dr. Freeman recommends the Smoothbeam® laser from Candela®.  The Smoothbeam® laser is a non-ablative type of laser which works on the deeper part of the skin and does not injure the outer layer of skin.  This type of laser procedure provides excellent results without the more extensive healing time required with surgery.

If you live in Charlotte NC and are considering a minituck or another type of facial plastic surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. M. Sean Freeman.  As Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman will discuss all of your options, including a minituck or other types of facial plastic surgery.


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