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A brow lift that works best for you offered at Only Faces of Charlotte

A brow lift- get the look you want with Dr. Sean Freeman and his staff at Only Faces of Charlotte!

The next time someone guesses your thoughts, ask them how. They will most likely respond, “It’s written all over your face.” In reality, that person has read your brow, not your face.  The brow takes up a lot of room on our faces, and using the muscles under the skin, the brow reacts to the events, emotions, and stresses of our lives. It does not judge good or bad, it simply reacts by wrinkling up, relaxing, raising eyebrows, squinting, etc. As we age, those same muscles and skin slow down and lose elasticity (the ability to bounce back to an original position). And the largest part of our face begins to droop.  A brow lift can help that.

And just like the traditional lower eye lid surgery, the traditional brow lift procedure was fraught with risks and negative side effects.

Dr. Freeman heard of a new way to perform a brow lift; use an endoscope.  Dr. Freeman was one of the first facial plastic surgeons to use this technique.  An Endoscopic Brow Lift needs only small incisions that can be made in less obvious places.  The endoscope is a long tube with a light and a camera attached to the end.  With this simple tool, and Dr. Freeman’s steady hand, the brow can be lifted from the inside. Patients love this procedure for 3 reasons: incisions are minimal so there is less scarring, the results are more natural and last longer, and there is a complete return of sensation.


The icing on the brow lift cake!:

Dr. Freeman often works with his patients who need more than one cosmetic procedure done.  With the endoscope lifting the brow, Dr. Freeman can also remove excess skin and tighten muscles in the mid and lower face.  Incredible!  The idea of receiving more than one fix while going under anesthesia only once is an idea patients can ask for at Only Faces in Charlotte.  They know the skill Dr. Freeman possesses.


Goldilocks, do you think Dr. Freeman will ever be satisfied?

Several years ago, celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Grant coined the term “the Goldilocks phenomenon.”  He defined it this way: “Too big, too small, just right.”  Dr. Grant specializes in breast augmentation, not Dr. Freeman’s specialty.  But, ever the student and always open to new ideas, Dr. Freeman learned.  The public was not happy to learn that celebrities often have multiple breast surgeries in their lives.  It was seen as wasteful because traditional thought told them that an implant is a one-size-fits-all invention. Dr. Grant defended his clients by explaining that first, each human body is different from the next.  What works for one may not work for another.  Secondly, our bodies change as we age, in unexpected ways.  Therefore, give the movie stars a break.

Dr. Freeman realized that the ‘Goldilocks phenomenon” applied to brows as well.  Every brow is different, and all of them change as they age.  He then developed the Segmental Approach for the Endoscopic Brow Lift.  In 2013, he presented his work in New Orleans to the Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery to widespread acclaim.  Dr. Freeman’s Segmental Approach allows four approaches to lifting the brow.  And it is based on the individual patient. The four approaches are: lateral brow lift, ¾ brow lift, full brow lift, and asymmetrical brow lift.


Patients at Only Faces in Charlotte have much to learn!

With Dr. Freeman and his staff working so hard to customize your facial surgery needs, choosing Only Faces to consult about your Brow Lift surgery seems the only logical way to go.  Like the lower eye lid surgery, the results of a brow lift can change your appearance dramatically.  The brow will no longer tell the world your trials and tribulations, it will show the world you are rested, invigorated, and ready to jump in with both feet!

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