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Anesthesia types for Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery

Anesthesia types for Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery. Here is a rundown of each kind of anesthesia you may have when undergoing a facelift

Do you know the types of anesthesia?

The facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC, may make you worried about the kind of anesthesia your doctor will use. The anesthesia depends largely on the kind of facial plastic surgery procedure you are undergoing and your medical history.

A double board certified facial plastic surgeon will know exactly what kind of anesthesia is the safest and most suitable for your condition. In general, however, facial plastic surgeons typically use one of three types of anesthesia.

Local anesthesia for facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

Local anesthesia that numbs only some particular parts of your body for short periods. The doctor generally injects this into or near the body part targeted for the procedure so that you feel no pain and minimal discomfort.

Patients usually receive local anesthesia for topical or minimally invasive procedures in their facial plastic surgery.

The facial plastic surgeon will sometimes use it for liposuction also, depending on how much fat the surgeon extracts. A “local” is the mildest sedation, and you stay awake during the entire facial plastic surgery procedure.

IV sedation for facial plastic surgery

IV sedation” or also known as “twilight anesthesia” is when a pain-blocking drug is introduced into the body through an IV drip. Since the sedative works on your whole body, it is a form of general anesthesia. The majority of patients are awake with this form of sedation but will remember little of the procedure.

A qualified anesthesiologist administers this form of sedation and monitors you throughout the procedure in the event of complications. You will be dazed as the effects wear off and will require somebody to take you home.

Nevertheless, you should recuperate fairly quickly and have few side effects. Surgeons can utilize twilight sedation with certain facial plastic surgery, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and breast or chin augmentation, and other procedures.

General anesthesia for Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon

Patients under general anesthesia are completely unconscious and have no pain or memory of facial plastic surgery.

Automatic responses, like breathing, are weakened during this anesthesia, so medical teams insert breathing tubes for the duration of the operation. Facial plastic surgeons use general anesthesia for invasive surgery, rhinoplasty, and other large facial plastic surgery procedures.

You must work with experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeons such as Dr. Freeman of Only Faces. If you are considering facial plastic surgery, contact Dr. Freeman to arrange your initial consultation, he and his team are dedicated to putting your safety, health and comfort first.

Once you sit down, the kind of anesthesia you will have, or the one you require are discussed as part of the initial consultation. The entire process is geared to delivering the best results, and this includes the patient experience above all else.

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