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Charlotte’s nose job surgeon explains all to know about a Hanging Columella

Charlotte’s nose job surgeon can help achieve a proportional nose shape

Charlotte’s nose job surgeon advises aspiring patients to take the time to learn about their desired aesthetics and the procedure needed. The tissue and cartilage that separate the two nostrils on the nose’s underside is called the columella. When the columella tissue hangs lower or protrudes below the nostril’s outer ridges, it may appear to be drooping or pointed and can be referred to as a ‘hanging columella’ or alar-columellar disproportion. Those who have nasal tissue that hangs lower than their nostrils are often unhappy with their appearance and may opt for a special nasal surgery called columelloplasty. It levels the tissue with the nostrils to create a proportional nose shape.

How does one end up with a Hanging Columella?

It often occurs naturally as a result of nasal growth. The tissue can hang too low due to a disproportionately long septum or the positioning and orientation of the nose cartilages. A hanging columella can also result from a mistake in a previous rhinoplasty procedure. It is usually due to excessive cartilage resection or nasal retraction. Columellar struts, which are implanted during the procedure to support the nose tip, can also be too long to cause disproportionate protruding of the new nasal tip and affect the columella’s look.

Columelloplasty: A Fix to a Hanging Columella

To fix your hanging columella, columelloplasty can be done alone without changing any other components of the nose. This is by trimming the membranous and cartilaginous tissue. The surgery will only remove membranous nose tissue if the cartilage is already retracted. Trimming this lower tissue and cartilage will tuck the columella inward so it will no longer be pointed or hanging. Going through columelloplasty before and after pictures is best before committing to any surgeon.


Columelloplasty is a closed-approach procedure where incisions done to remove tissue and fix the nasal tissue are on the inner side of the nose and nostrils. The sutures utilized to hold the incisions closed during and after this surgery are dissolvable, remaining intact for approximately one week after surgery. Bandages and removal of sutures aren’t needed after this type of nasal procedure. But it may take several weeks to see the final outcome of the columella correction due to minor swelling or bruising. Still, the extent of swelling after this nose job surgery is minimal compared to that of a full rhinoplasty. That said, the surgery will be faster and less painful.

Choose Charlotte’s best nose job surgeon

There are no similar nose job surgeries. Still, the goal of columelloplasty is to enhance the relationship and proportion between the columella and the nostrils. Charlotte’s best nose job surgeon can reshape the columella for a sleek and proportionate look from both a frontal and profile view. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.