Patient 5375How does age affect the skin?

Facelift procedures are carried out to negate the effects of aging in most cases. A few things happen to the skin, as we get older.

  • Skin quality declines because of the natural aging process.
  • Over time, the facial skin can become coarse, wrinkled, and discolored because of genetics, exposure to the sun, and other factors of aging.
  • Matured skin loses elastin and collagen, which are important proteins that provide our skin with elasticity and strength.
  • The absence of elastin and collagen impairs the skin’s recovery ability, rendering it loose and thin.

How a facelift will from Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon help?

Facelift procedures helps Charlotte NC clients by tensing the skin and decreasing the look of creases and sagging skin. By being performed by a surgeon who understands your body’s anatomy and aesthetic goals, a facelift will effectively address the following issues:

  • Sagging Cheeks and Nasolabial Creases
  • Loose skin across the lower jaw line
  • Loose skin on the upper neck
  • Thin lines and creases surrounding the mouth

Maintaining Charlotte NC facelift results

Dr. Freeman is double board certified and has some good advice for how you can maintain the effects of your facelift. He delivers great results, but following his advice is down to his patients. Here are some of his tips to prolong the effects of your facelift.

Drink plenty of water. The skin is just like any other organ like the heart and lungs. It needs water to work correctly. It is particularly important to stay well hydrated after a facelift so the skin maintains moisture and the benefits of the procedure are extended.

Quit smoking. Smoking can lead to complications in surgery and slow recovery, but may also negatively affect the lifespan of your facelift. Smoking dislodges the skin’s oxygen, decreases blood flow, and exhausts important nutrients. Abstaining from smoking after the surgery prolongs your facelift and will prevent the development of wrinkles in the lips and around the mouth.

A healthy diet is also recommended, and cutting out foods such as sugar, milk and spicy foods will help to maintain your healthier look.

Protecting the skin after facelift surgery

As well as following Dr. Freeman’s advice above, you will need to protect the skin. This can be done by following the next two tips.

  • Use sunscreen. The sun’s UV rays damage the skin and speed up the aging process. Wearing sunscreen following a facelift, helps prevent brown spots and discolorations. It helps reduce the appearance of both of veins and spots, and helps keep fine lines and wrinkles in check.
  • Follow a skincare regimen. To aide your skin in maintaining its youthful new look, it is essential to adhere to a skin care regimen following surgery. Dr. Freeman will advise what you should use and shouldn’t use after surgery depending on your skin type and the kind of surgery you have had.

How to see Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon?

If you have yet to have any facial plastic surgery but are still in the consideration phase, you can easily contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces.

He will schedule you in for an initial consultation that can explain about the dos and don’ts before, during and after surgery. He goes in depth and will perform an examination before explaining what the expected results will be.