Patient 6613Why won’t one procedure cure all my wrinkles?

Brow lift surgery in Charlotte NC cannot fix all wrinkles because not all wrinkles are equal, and this translates into not all treatments for wrinkles are the same. One procedure cannot fix all of your wrinkles because there are five different types. These are elastic, gravitational, compression, atrophic and expression wrinkles.

Read on to see, how they form and the best ways to reduce their appearance with the help of Charlotte’s most experienced Facial Plastic Surgeon.

What causes elastic wrinkles?

Elastic wrinkles form because of spending too much time in the sun or over use of tanning beds. Tanning beds help with a golden color, however, they also aid in creating these wrinkles.

These have the appearance of creases, and are more common around the neck, lips, and cheeks. Brow lift surgery doesn’t reach this far down the face, so it will have little effect. To reduce them, use plenty of sunscreen or keep out of the sun. A lower facelift would be required to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles.

Charlotte NC brow lift surgery can help with these wrinkles

Gravitation wrinkles appear in any part of the face due to the loss of elastin and collagen.These can occur naturally with aging or through skin damage. These resemble sagging of the skin and are coupled with wrinkles.

The best surgical procedure is a facelift; however, there are other options. These are a set of wrinkles in which brow lift surgery can help reduce the severity around the eye region.

What are compression wrinkles?

These are nothing more than skin being pressed in one position for an extended period. You can get them from sleeping, and they will fade after a while. Brow lift surgery or any other plastic surgery performed by double board certified Dr. Freeman could do anything to prevent these. They are natural, and nothing to worry about.

How do I cure expression wrinkles?

These are the two commonest types of wrinkles. Laughter lines and frown lines are located around your mouth, in between the eyebrows, and cause crow’s feet in the corner of your eyes. These are made naturally by the facial expressions you make throughout your life. They can also be caused by smoking.

Many individuals resort to fillers and Botox in Charlotte NC, however Dr. Freeman discourages these procedures because they can lead to unnatural results over time. If wrinkles are higher on the face, you can regain a youthful appearance with brow lift surgery, depending on the severity of the wrinkles.

Is there anything to do for atrophic wrinkles?

Atrophic wrinkles are the deeper lines in your forehead area between your eyes, and are commonly called “worry lines,” for they tend to be present when you frown.

Fat loss, along with the aging process, may cause these wrinkles to develop and worsen over time. There is very little to prevent such wrinkles other than maintaining hydrated skin. Even with brow lift surgery, you will still frown so these wrinkles will return.

The best wrinkle solution in Charlotte NC

If you have wrinkles, you do have options apart from just brow lift surgery, even when some wrinkles are natural. It is better to regain a youthful expression with wrinkles, than one, which is old and fatigued.

Dr. Freeman is double board certified and happens to be Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. He has developed some facial plastic surgery procedures that will transform your facial features and take yours off your appearance.

It is easy to contact Dr. Freeman for your initial consultation, and you will find all your options, and the expected results of your procedure.