Patient 652Will I see scars after my Charlotte NC nose job?

Rhinoplasty can be performed for cosmetic looks or to fix a facial problem in the nose area. Once performed correctly, you will find your nose job balances most of your face. Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon knows all too well, what the procedure requires to deliver the best results.

Dr. Freeman has thousands of before and after nose job pictures, so his skills continue to add to his reputation and his double board certification. Red on for more info on rhinoplasty and issues with scarring.

Charlotte NC closed rhinoplasty takes lots of skill

When you a closed rhinoplasty surgical procedure, this takes much more skill than others do. Dr. Freeman who is double board certified, is highly regarded in this field. This procedure delivers countless benefits to the patient aside from balancing the look of their face.

Results are dramatic, and closed rhinoplasty procedures have incisions which are made inside the nose rather than the outside. Because of this, there is no chance anyone can see external scarring. These procedures can correct nasal humps and septum straightening to correct a crooked nose. One thing worthy of noting is not all facial plastic surgeons can offer this kind of operation.

Open rhinoplasty surgical procedures

When the problem, which needs addressing, is more sever, it may be the case that open rhinoplasty is required. This is when patients want extreme changes in either nose de-projection or projection. Nasal tips can also be redefined among others.

Incisions can be more dramatic, yet a top facial plastic surgeon will hide incisions down the sides of the nose in a bid to hide them from view. The underlying structure of the nose can be accessed easier, as well as the ability to reach the cartilage zones for reshaping. Dr. Freeman has performed many of these in revision rhinoplasty procedure where the first by another plastic surgeon has not delivered the desired results.

Before and after a rhinoplasty procedure in Charlotte NC

As soon as any patient has their first consultation with Dr. Freeman, he will offer sound advice. In some cases, patients are not suitable candidates for this procedure. This often happens in natural causes where there is no underlying structure for him to work with.

Before proceeding, he always makes sure none of his patients is smoking around the time of the operation. Some patients are not willing to stop, so they won’t proceed any further. The same goes for after a procedure, and Dr. Freeman advises that patients refrain from smoking as long as possible. Sunlight can also have a negative effect on facial plastic surgery. He advises to remain indoors and out of the sunlight.

If you want to find out if this rhinoplasty procedure is for you, you can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces and he will start the process with your initial consultation. Right from that moment, you will know what the desired results will be.