Patient 6393Can a Charlotte NC revision rhinoplasty surgeon correct my nose problem?

A rhinoplasty specialist will perform surgeries that should not be required. This may happen for a number of reasons, but the primary one being that individuals are not obtaining the outcomes they were expecting.

At times, this may be unclear for many years. This can make the person feeling worse than they did when they first began.

Do you believe you are in need of the help of Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon? There is more information below that may be helpful to you about revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte NC.

Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon carries out these procedures

People who have rhinoplasty, and if it doesn’t go well, may have their nose deformed. This results in a loss of natural shape and contour.

This revision rhinoplasty surgery is performed to restore the patient’s cosmetic appearance. Furthermore, the prior surgery of the nose can leave the individual with breathing difficulties.

Revision rhinoplasty surgery is among the most complicated of all operations.

A plastic surgeon may only perform these with high credentials. One such rhinoplasty specialist is certified by Dr. Freeman. He has a long-standing record of successful revision rhinoplasty and, as the most experienced Charlotte NC rhinoplasty surgeon, he helps achieve the goals for corrective nose job surgery.

A revision rhinoplasty specialist delivers these benefits

  • The revision rhinoplasty remodels the bridge of the nose. This will correct flaws and can give a more youthful balanced appearance.
  • Sometimes nasal obstruction correction will be required in conjunction with the revision rhinoplasty. This will correct obstructions in the nasal passage and make breathing easier.
  • The revision rhinoplasty specialist can remove a bulbous nose tip; fix a twisted nose and many other imperfections and issues.
  • The rhinoplasty revision may offer facial symmetry.
  • The patient can receive increased self-confidence after their second nose job.

A renowned Charlotte NC facial plastic surgeon can help

It is not important which problem you may have with your first rhinoplasty procedure. It can be nasal bumps, nostrils that are not the same, or many other things. In most cases, it is the rhinoplasty surgeon not being as skilled as they believe.

At other times, the individual may have acted against the facial plastic surgeon’s requirements and may have been drinking and smoking prematurely. Irrespective of the reasons, it can be possible to contact Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon for help. With an initial consultation, he will check your medical history and examine the previous procedures results.

If he can fix the problem, and you fulfill all the other requirements, he will proceed with the appointment. All you have to do now is contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces and reserve your appointment for an initial consultation. You will never need to visit any other rhinoplasty specialist.