Chin ImplantShould I be worried about facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC?

A facelift is one procedure that can make a tone of difference to your appearance. Yet, many individuals are wary of going under the knife, and thus choose to go for Botox or the injection of dermal fillers.

Any possible candidate should be aware that there is nothing to worry about, and in the end, a facelift can deliver better results while saving money. Read on if you have concerns about having facial plastic surgery.

Do I need to worry about incontinence during a procedure?

Many individuals worry they may empty their bowels or bladders during their operation. This is a rare occasion, and because the levels of sedation used in facial plastic surgery are far less, then a patient won’t lose full control.

This occurrence happens in babies, and they won’t be undergoing plastic surgery. Patients who do this needn’t feel any embarrassment because they are surrounded by medical professionals who take this as par for the course.

What about an allergic reaction during my Charlotte NC facelift procedure?

Some individuals think they may have a reaction to anesthesia. There isn’t only one drug uses to maintain the level of consciousness with general anesthesia. Allergic reactions are very rare, and Dr. Freeman will check on this during the initial consultation.

Side effects are more common, and in a few instances, they may be uncomfortable. These fade, as soon as the anesthesia ends, and with facelift procedures only lasting a couple of hours, then the time for discomfort is very short.

Can Charlotte NC anesthesiologists make mistakes?

This can be the largest fear of any patients. Nowadays, these operating theater staff are board certified just in the same way as Dr. Freeman. He is double board certified and classed as Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.

It makes sense that he will have people around him who he knows and trusts. Any operative will be board certified and a professional in their won field.

Will I talk during my facelift procedure?

Sleeping and being under anesthesia are two very different things. A patient may say something as they are drifting off before a procedure, yet during a facial plastic surgery operation there are rarely things said.

Coming around after the operation a patient may mumble something, but it is far from something embarrassing, and the thoughts will be somewhat clear.

Will I lose control in my Charlotte NC surgery?

Many patients think that being put to sleep against their will means they will lose control. Any fear will be well before this stage, and all it takes is mild sedation beforehand to prevent any panic.

To find out more of what happens during your facelift procedure, and how you can settle yourself. You can contact Dr. Freeman at Only Faces. During an initial consultation with Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon, he will answer all you need to know and put your worries at ease.